77 Heartbreaks

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77 Heartbreaks
77 Heartbreaks poster.jpeg
Directed byHerman Yau
Release date
  • 15 June 2017 (2017-06-15)
Running time
97 minutes[2]
CountryHong Kong
Box officeCN¥56.3 million (China)[1]

77 Heartbreaks is a 2017 Hong Kong romantic drama film directed by Herman Yau. It was released in Hong Kong on 15 June 2017.[2]


Eva is frustrated by her boyfriend Adam's irresponsible habits. One evening when he is late for a date, she visits a small shop and browses a display of notebooks which appear to be designed with artistic and philosophical themes. She becomes attracted to a notebook called 77 Heartbreaks, which the shopkeeper explains is based on the number of times that a reasonable person can be expected to forgive someone for hurting them. Before long, Eva manages to fill the notebook completely with examples of Adam's annoying behavior. After Eva leaves, Adam eventually comes to understand why their relationship ended.



The film was released in Hong Kong on 15 June 2017 and in mainland China on 23 June 2017.[2]


The film has grossed CN¥56.3 million in mainland China.[1]


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