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Discovered byEllen Howell
Discovery dateAugust 29, 1981
1981 X; 1987 VI; 1993 II
Orbital characteristics A
EpochMarch 6, 2006
Aphelion4.865 AU
Perihelion1.366 AU
Semi-major axis3.116 AU
Orbital period5.5 a
Dimensions4.4 km[4]
Last perihelionApril 6, 2015[1][2]
Next perihelion2020-Sep-26[3]

88P/Howell is a periodic comet in the Solar System. It was discovered on 29 August 1981.[5] In 1975 the comet's perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) was 1.9 AU,[3] But a close approach to Jupiter in 1978[4] perturbed the perihelion distance closer to the Sun.

It last came to perihelion on 6 April 2015; the next occurrence will be in 2020.[1] In 14 September 2031 the comet will pass 0.074 AU (11,100,000 km; 6,900,000 mi) from Mars.[4]

In response to New Frontiers program call for Mission 4, a team from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) submitted a mission concept proposal called Comet Rendezvous, Sample Acquisition, Investigation, and Return (CORSAIR) that would perform a sample return from comet 88P/Howell.[6][7]


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