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A6136 shield

Major junctions
North end: Richmond
  A6108 A6108 road
A1 A1 road
South East end: Catterick Village
Road network

The A6136 is a 4 digit A road in North Yorkshire, England. It begins in the market town of Richmond as "Station Road" (this refers to the old station that used to be present on this road). Moving on, it reaches the outer suburbs of Richmond. Passing through sparse woodland, it soon enters the outer suburbs of another town, Catterick Garrison; this is the main road through the town. The road passes the town centre of the garrison and goes through its suburbs, Colburn and Walkerville. By the time it leaves Walkerville it is reaching its end as it crosses over the A1 road uniquely splitting off in two directions, the south heading for Catterick Village and the north heading for Brompton-on-Swale, both meeting the A1 southbound and northbound.

Settlements on road[edit]

Coordinates: 54°22′26″N 1°43′02″W / 54.3739°N 1.7172°W / 54.3739; -1.7172