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AC, A.C. or Ac may refer to:

  • Air conditioning, technologies for altering the temperature and humidity of air
  • Alternating current, a type of electrical current in which the current repeatedly changes direction

Arts and entertainment[edit]



Other media[edit]

  • AC Comics, a comic book publisher established in 1969
  • A.C. Slater, a fictional character in the American sitcom Saved by the Bell
  • After Colony, an alternate timeline in the Gundam metaseries for the universe of Gundam Wing
  • AC, the name of the "ultimate computer" in Isaac Asimov's novel The Last Question

Businesses and organizations[edit]


  • AC Cars, a British specialist automobile manufacturer
  • AC Restaurants, a hotel and restaurant chain in the Benelux
  • Air Canada, the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada (IATA code AC)
  • Associated Content, an online publisher and distributor of original content
  • Ayala Corporation, a holding company (Philippine Stock Exchange symbol AC)

Political organizations[edit]

Other organizations[edit]



Ranks, titles, and awards[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]


  • Acetyl, a functional group in chemistry
  • Actinium, a chemical element

Computing and telecommunications[edit]


Other uses in science and technology[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Ac (rune) (ᚪ), a rune of the Anglo-Saxon fuþorc and a continuation of the Elder Fuþark ansuz
  • Acre, a unit of area with the symbol ac
  • Advisory circular, a publication to provide guidance for compliance with airworthiness regulations
  • Ante Christum or A.C., a Latin term meaning "before Christ"
  • Anthrocon, the largest furry convention in the world, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
  • Asphalt concrete, a type of road or path surfacing