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A War (Danish film)
A War poster.png
Film poster
Directed by Tobias Lindholm
Produced by
  • René Ezra
  • Tomas Radoor
Written by Tobias Lindholm
Music by Sune Rose Wagner
Cinematography Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Edited by Adam Nielsen
Distributed by Nordisk Film Distribution
Release date
  • 27 August 2015 (2015-08-27)
Running time
115 minutes[1]
Country Denmark
Language Danish
Box office $880,073[2]

A War (Danish: Krigen) is a 2015 Danish war drama film written and directed by Tobias Lindholm, and starring Pilou Asbæk and Søren Malling. It tells the story of a Danish military company in Afghanistan that is fighting the Taliban while trying to protect the civilians, and how the commander is accused of having committed a war crime.[3][4] The film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.[5][6]


A Danish soldier in a squad patrolling Helmand province sets off an IED. He dies from horrific injuries while his commander, Claus, can do little to help back at base camp. After that Claus resolves to join his men on every patrol. After treating an injured little girl, the Afghan family comes to the Danish base because the Taliban has threatened to kill them for asking for help. Claus makes the decision to send them back to their village.

Meanwhile, back in Denmark, Claus' wife Maria is trying to hold everyday life together, with a husband at war and three children missing their father. The strain their father's absence takes on the family is seen as the burdens of parenting fall on Maria herself.

The next day, Claus and his men return to the village only to find the entire family murdered in their home. Without warning, an ambush ensues. Claus, without a proper identification (PID), calls in an airstrike on a nearby compound. However, back at base, he is charged with killing 11 innocent civilians and is sent home. The grave consequences of these accusations shake him and his family. His defense lawyer asserts he needs to claim that he had PID in order to avoid a prison sentence. Though Claus plans to admit his guilt, Maria angrily admonishes him for not thinking of his children's lives without a father. He decides to claim he called in an airstrike because he had PID.

Evidence mounts as Claus' men testify in court. His friend, who had known him since training, said he knew that Claus, despite being a good officer, was feeling the strain of leadership and not making good decisions. In the witness box, Claus maintains his position. He angrily testifies that anyone who has never been in combat can never understand what it takes to make life and death decisions. Unexpectedly Claus' former radio operator testifies he identified the muzzle flashes in the compound. Though this evidence is dubious, it is enough to convince the judge and sub-committee that Claus had a legitimate PID.

Later while tucking his young son into bed, Claus notices how his feet resemble the feet of the murdered little girl in Helmand. He sits alone outside looking at the night sky.



The film was produced by Nordisk Film with support from DR TV and received eight million Danish kroner from the Danish Film Institute. Filming took place in Copenhagen, in Konya, Turkey and in Almeria, Spain. It ended in January 2015. With the exception of the main characters, the soldiers are played by actual Danish soldiers who had served in Afghanistan.[3]


A War received critical acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 91% "Certified Fresh" score based on 88 reviews, with an average rating of 7.8/10. The site's consensus states: "Tense, intelligent, and refreshingly low-key, A War is part frontline thriller, part courtroom drama -- and eminently effective in both regards."[7] Metacritic reports an 81 out of 100 rating based on 29 critics, indicating "universal acclaim".[8]

Olly Richards from Empire magazine gave the film four out of five stars saying "It's a riveting, complex film that asks one simple question: what do you do when there's no right answer?".[9] Clayton Dillard from Slant magazine gave it a mixed review: two out of four stars saying "Tobias Lindholm stages his claims through clunky dramaturgical scenarios, with the seams exposed at every turn."[10]

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