Aarhus Forestry Botanical Garden

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Aarhus Forestry Botanical garden. The Foresters Lodge

Aarhus Forestry Botanical Garden (Danish: Forstbotanisk Have) is a forestry botanical garden located in the south of Aarhus, Denmark. It forms a small part of the northern section of Marselisborg Forests and is situated right next to Marselisborg Palace and Mindeparken. The botanical garden was established in 1923.

The garden holds 900 different species of trees and bushes from all over the world, on just about 5 hectares (12 acres). Because of the nearby forest and the varied flora, the botanical garden also attracts a varied fauna and it is not unusual to spot roe deers, squirrels, owls and herons, amongst other animals here.

The Forestry Botanical Gardens status as a scientific study ground, has diminished over the years and it is more viewed as a quiet place for recreation and contemplation nowadays. The garden is free to public access year round, but it is not allowed to pick plantparts. Many of the tall trees are ageing and it is not advised to be around the garden in windy weather, as falling branches are an imminent danger.



Coordinates: 56°7′32″N 10°12′04″E / 56.12556°N 10.20111°E / 56.12556; 10.20111