Abdul Husain Husamuddin

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Abdul Husain Husamuddin was the 48th Da'i of Dawoodi Bohra (died: 27 Zilhaj 1308 AH/1891 AD, Jamnagar, India). He succeeded the 47th Da'i, Abdulqader Najmuddin, to the religious post.

Husamuddin became Da'i al-Mutlaq in 1302AH/1885AD.[1] His period of Dawat was 1302–1308 AH/ 1885–1891 AD.[2][3]

The present Dai is from his progeny.

References and external links[edit]

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  • The Ismaili, their history and doctrine by Farhad Daftary(Chapter -Mustalian Ismailism-p. 300-310)

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Preceded by
Abdul Qadir Najmuddin
48th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
1302–1308 AH/ 1885–1891 AD
Succeeded by
Mohammad Burhanuddin (49th Dai)