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Adam Myerson racing in the Nacht van Woerden cyclocross, Netherlands, 2008.
Myerson racing in Europe.

Adam Myerson (born May 9, 1972 in Norwood, Massachusetts, USA) is an American professional[1] bicycle racer specializing in cyclo-cross and criterium racing. Adam is an active race promoter,[2] series organizer,[3] and coach; was the only American on the UCI Cyclo-cross commission (until 2009)[4] as well as the AIOC-Cross Management Committee;[5] and was the USA Cycling Collegiate National Cyclo-cross Champion in 1997. Myerson currently lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA.

Myerson has been a vegetarian since 1989, and was vegan from 1999 through 2006,[6] and has published several articles on being a meat-free endurance athlete. He is also an outspoken anti-doping advocate.

He is the owner and head coach of Cycle-Smart, Inc.

Career Achievements[edit]

1st USA Cycling Collegiate National Cyclocross Championship
1st Stage 8, FBD Milk Ras, Dublin, Ireland
2nd Points Competition, Wachovia Classic, Trenton, NJ
4th Overall USA Crits
2nd Overall USA Crits
3rd Overall USA CRITS Series
5th U.S. National Professional Criterium Championships
1st Verge New England Championship Cyclocross Series
1st NBX Grand Prix of Cross Day 1, UCI 2
1st Downeast Cyclocross Day 2, UCI 2
7th USA Cycling Cyclocross National Calendar Overall
3rd US National Cyclo-Cross Championships, 40+
5th US National Single-Speed Cyclo-Cross Championships, Verona, WI


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