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2008 Tour of Somerville

The Tour of Somerville is an annual series of bicycle races held in Somerset County, New Jersey.[1] The races are held over Memorial Day weekend with the premiere race held on Monday. The series of races are called "tours" due to a New Jersey state law forbidding racing on highways for prizes.

In 1940, Fred "Pop" Kugler, a local Bicycle shop owner and professional bike racer, decided to start a bicycle race in his home town of Somerville. The Tour of Somerville has been held every year (with the exception of 1943-1946 due to World War II) since its inception. The Tour has become known as "The Kentucky Derby of Cycling" and draws international Olympians and top cyclists from around the world. It was the predominant American cycling race from the 1940s to the 1980s.[2]

Past Winners[edit]

Kugler-Anderson Memorial Tour[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2016 Scott Savory  United States
2015 Andrew Dahlheim  United States
2014 Adam Alexander  United States
2013 Hilton Clarke  Australia
2012 Luke Keough  United States
2011 Timothy Gudsell  New Zealand
2010 Ben Kersten  Australia
2009 Lucas Sebastian Haedo  Argentina
2008 Lucas Sebastian Haedo  Argentina
2007 Hilton Clarke  Australia
2006 Juan Haedo  Argentina
2005 Kyle Wamsley  United States
2004 Victor Repinski  United States
2003 Jonas Carney  United States
2002 Jonas Carney  United States
2001 Eric Wohlberg  Canada
2000 Jonas Carney  United States
1999 Eric Wohlberg  Canada
1998 Jonas Carney  United States
1997 Brett Aitken  United States
1996 Julian Dean  New Zealand
1995 Jason Snow  United States
1994 J-Me Carney  United States
1993 Gary Anderson  United States
1992 Jonas Carney  United States
1991 Brian Moroney  United States
1990 Matt Eaton  United States
1989 Graeme Miller  New Zealand
1988 Roberto Gaggioli  United States
1987 Paul Pearson  United States
1986 Marc Maertens  Belgium
1985 Matt Eaton  United States
1984 Davis Phinney  United States
1983 Steve Bauer  Canada
1982 Gary Tevisiol  Canada
1981 Wayne Stetina  United States
1980 Steve Bauer  Canada
1979 William Martin  United States
1978 Jocelyn Lovell  Canada
1977 Dave Ware  United States
1976 Dave Boll  United States
1975 Rory O'Reilly  Canada
1974 Ron Skarin  United States
1973 Ron Skarin  United States
1972 Rodger Young  United States
1970 Robert Farrell  United States
1969 Jackie Simes  United States
1968 Siegi Koch  United States
1967 Jackie Simes  United States
1966 John Aschen  United States
1965 Eckhard Viehover  Germany
1964 Hans Wolfe  United States
1963 Olaf Moetus  United States
1962 Richard Centore  United States
1961 Robert McKnown  United States
1960 Mike Hiltner  United States
1959 Rupert Waitl  United States
1958 Art Longsjo  United States
1957 Arnold Uhrlass  United States
1956 Jack Heid  United States
1955 Pat Murphy  Canada
1954 John Chiselko  United States
1953 Hugh Starrs  United States
1952 Ernest Seubert  United States
1951 Francis Mertens  United States
1950 Richard Cortright  United States
1949 Frank Brilando  United States
1948 Donald Sheldon  United States
1947 Donald Sheldon  United States
1946 No Race World War II
1945 No Race World War II
1944 No Race World War II
1943 No Race World War II
1942 Carl Anderson  United States
1941 Furman Kugler  United States
1940 Furman Kugler  United States

Mildred Kugler Women's Open[edit]

Year Winner Nationality
2016 Ellen Watters  Canada
2015 Lauretta Hanson  United States
2014 Erica Allar  United States
2013 Kimberley Wells  United States
2012 Ruth Winder  United States
2011 Theresa Cliff-Ryan  United States
2010 Theresa Cliff-Ryan  United States
2009 Tina Pic  United States
2008 Tina Pic  United States
2007 Theresa Cliff-Ryan  United States
2006 Tina Pic  United States
2005 Laura Van Gilder  United States
2004 Melissa Sanbom  United States
2003 Sarah Uhl  United States
2002 Laura Van Gilder  United States
2001 Christina Underwood  United States
2000 Tina Mayolo  United States
1999 Laura Van Gilder  United States
1998 Karen Bliss-Livingston  United States
1997 Karen Bliss-Livingston  United States
1996 Jessica Grieco  United States
1995 Jessica Grieco  United States
1994 Jeanne Golay  United States
1993 Marianne Berglund  United States
1992 Laura Charmeda  United States
1991 Karen Bliss  United States
1990 Jan Bolland  United States
1989 Susan Elias  United States
1988 Susan Elias  United States
1987 Henny Top  Netherlands
1986 Peggy Mass  United States
1985 Sophie Eaton  United States
1984 Sue Novara-Reber  United States
1983 Sue Novara-Reber  United States
1982 Sue Novara-Reber  United States
1981 Karen Strong  Canada
1980 Karen Strong  Canada
1979 Karen Strong  Canada
1978 Sue Novara  United States
1977 Karen Strong  Canada
1976 Mary Jane Reoch  United States