Adelaide Peninsula

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Adelaide Peninsula is located in Nunavut
Adelaide Peninsula
Adelaide Peninsula
Location in Nunavut

Adelaide Peninsula (Iluilik),[1] ancestral home to the Illuilirmiut Inuit,[2] is a large peninsula in Nunavut, Canada. It is located at 68°06′N 097°48′W / 68.100°N 97.800°W / 68.100; -97.800 (Adelaide Peninsula)Coordinates: 68°06′N 097°48′W / 68.100°N 97.800°W / 68.100; -97.800 (Adelaide Peninsula) south of King William Island. Its namesake is Queen Adelaide, consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

In 1839 it was reached from the west by Peter Warren Dease and Thomas Simpson. Starvation Cove, on the northern tip of the peninsula, was the southernmost point any of the doomed survivors from the 1845–48 John Franklin expedition are known to have reached on their march south to find help.


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