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The Bjorne Peninsula is located on the western coast of Ellesmere Island, a part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It protrudes northwest into Norwegian Bay from the island's mainland. Goose Point, a narrow isthmus, is the furthest northwest landform.[1] Other areas of the peninsula include Schei Point (north), Little Bear Cape (west), and Great Bear Cape (southwest).[2] The peninsula's midsection is approximately 144 m (472 ft) above sea level.[3]

Muskox frequent the peninsula.[1]

Nearby, Graham Island is found to the west and Axel Heiberg Island is to the northwest. Hoved Island lies between the peninsula and Ellesmere Island's mainland.


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Coordinates: 77°37′N 086°59′W / 77.617°N 86.983°W / 77.617; -86.983 (Bjorne Peninsula)