Subdivisions of Abkhazia

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Map of de facto subdivisions of Abkhazia.

In Soviet times, the Abkhazian ASSR was divided into 6 raions (districts) named after their respective capitals.

The administrative divisions of the disputed Republic of Abkhazia have stayed the same, with one exception: in 1995 the Tkvarcheli District was created around the town of Tkvarcheli from parts of the Ochamchira and Gali raions.

The Georgian government, which claims Abkhazia as an Autonomous region but lacks control, has not changed the Soviet divisions.

Districts of Abkhazia[edit]

De facto districts of Abkhazia

Towns of Abkhazia[edit]

Map of Abkhazia

Urban settlements of Abkhazia[edit]

Historic regions of Abkhazia[edit]

Abkhazia has traditionally been divided into several historical regions[2] (they roughly correspond to modern districts that are given in parentheses):

These are the regions mentioned in the Abkhazian Constitution of 1994.[3][4] According to the popular (but erroneous[5]) belief the seven stripes of the Abkhazian flag correspond to the seven historical regions of the country, the seventh one being Pskhu-Aibga.


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