Advance (1884)

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Name: Advance
Owner: Messrs Fenwick Brothers, Sydney
Port of registry: Sydney
Ship registration number: 19/1902
Ship official number: 88922
Builder: Unknown Williamstown, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Completed: 1884
Status: Wrecked
General characteristics
Type: Iron screw steamer
Tonnage: 181 GT
Displacement: 12 NT
Length: 36.57  m
Beam: 6.400  m
Draught: 3.962  m
Installed power: Compound
Ship primary use: Services
Ship industry:
Ship passenger capacity: 0
Crew: 8

The Advance was an iron screw steamer tug built in 1884 that was wrecked when it collided with the Inverna off Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales on 25 December 1908.

Ship service history[edit]

The Advance was involved in a collision with the Tuncurry in the early morning of 30 September 1906. The Tuncurry, under the command of Captain O'Bierne, was making a routine voyage from Pyrmont to Cape Hawke, carrying several passengers and general cargo. About five miles north of North Head (one of the Sydney Heads), it was suddenly rammed by the Advance, which was travelling from Newcastle and hadn't seen the other ship. The Tuncurry took the brunt of the damage, although Captain O'Bierne quickly decided that the ship was in no danger of sinking. He signalled to the tug that no assistance was needed, and immediately headed back to Sydney. The Advance returned to Newcastle, damaged at the bows.[1]

It was later found at the Marine Court that at the time of the collision the Advance had been the under charge of a deck hand, McIvor. The court did not find that there had "been any negligence on the part of the master of the tug in not coming on deck sooner, but thought he should have acted more wisely".[2]

Shipwreck event[edit]

The collision occurred off Catherine Hill Bay when the Advance, commanded by Alick Mckenzie, in the harbor at Newcastle, collided with the Inverna due to foggy weather in the early hours of the morning.

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Coordinates: 33°10′50″S 151°42′12″E / 33.1806°S 151.70328°E / -33.1806; 151.70328