Aejang of Silla

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Aejang of Silla
Hangul 애장왕
Hanja 哀莊王
Revised Romanization Aejang wang
McCune–Reischauer Aejang wang
Birth name
Hangul 김청명 or 김중희
Hanja 金淸明 or 金重熙
Revised Romanization Gim Cheong-myeong or Gim Jung-hui
McCune–Reischauer Kim Ch'ŏngmyŏng or Kim Chunghŭi

Aejang of Silla (788–809) (r. 800–809) was the 40th ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla. He was the eldest son of King Soseong and Queen Gyehwa. He married a lady of the Pak clan.

In 802, Aejang had the great temple of Haeinsa built on Gayasan. In 803, he formed an alliance with Wa. In 806, he forbade the building of new temples. In 809, he was slain by his uncle Kim Eon-seung, who had been regent and took the throne for himself. year 809, the aejangwang and his brother chemyeong was killed.

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Aejang of Silla
Born: 788 Died: 809
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Silla
Succeeded by