Gyeongae of Silla

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Gyeongae of Silla
신라 경애왕
King of Silla
Reign 924 – 927
Coronation 924
Predecessor Gyeongmyeong of Silla
Successor Gyeongsun of Silla
Born 858
Unified Silla
Died 927 (aged 69)
Unified Silla
Issue Grand Prince Geumseong
Grand Prince Gyerim
House House of Park
Father Sindeok of Silla
Mother Queen Uiseong
Religion Buddhism

Gyeongae of Silla
Hangul 경애왕
Hanja 景哀王
Revised Romanization Gyeongae wang
McCune–Reischauer Kyŏngae wang
Birth name
Hangul 박위응
Hanja 朴魏膺
Revised Romanization Bak Wi-eung
McCune–Reischauer Pak Wiŭng
Monarchs of Korea
  1. Munmu 661–681
  2. Sinmun 681–691
  3. Hyoso 692–702
  4. Seongdeok 702–737
  5. Hyoseong 737–742
  6. Gyeongdeok 742–765
  7. Hyegong 765–780
  8. Seondeok 780–785
  9. Wonseong 785–798
  10. Soseong 798–800
  11. Aejang 800–809
  12. Heondeok 809–826
  13. Heungdeok 826–836
  14. Huigang 836–838
  15. Minae 838–839
  16. Sinmu 839
  17. Munseong 839–857
  18. Heonan 857–861
  19. Gyeongmun 861–875
  20. Heongang 875–886
  21. Jeonggang 886–887
  22. Jinseong 887–897
  23. Hyogong 897–912
  24. Sindeok 912–917
  25. Gyeongmyeong 917–924
  26. Gyeongae 924–927
  27. Gyeongsun 927–935

Gyeongae of Silla (died 927) (r. 924–927) was the 55th ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla.


He was the son of King Sindeok by Queen Uiseong, and was the younger brother of King Gyeongmyeong, who preceded him to the throne.

Gyeongae ascended the Silla throne in the midst of the Later Three Kingdoms period, and thus ruled over only a small portion of what had once been Unified Silla. In the end, even that last small portion was overwhelmed by Hubaekje forces under Gyeon Hwon.

When Gyeon Hwon's army sacked Gyeongju in 927, they found Gyeongae partying at the Poseokjeong pavilion. The king killed himself rather than surrender. Gyeon Hwon set Gyeongsun on the throne in his stead, and returned to the west.

King Gyeongae was buried on Namsan. His tomb is called "Haemongnyeong."


  1. Unnamed wife
    1. Park Gyo-sun, Grand Prince Geumseong (박교순 금성대군)
    2. Park Sun-hyeon, Grand Prince Gyerim (박순현 계림대군)

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Gyeongae of Silla
Died: 927
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Silla
Succeeded by