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Agapio Racing Team (also known as Nordic Agapio) was an infamous Finnish dubbing company that dubbed a number of cartoons for VHS release and Finnish television on MTV3 and Nelonen. They also did regular dubbing of many cartoon releases by Future Films. The company became notorious for their lack of emotional content, even more so than Golden Voice OY. This would eventually lead to the company's disassembling in the early 2000s after their last dubbing effort, Digimon Adventure (its dubbing was taken over by Tuotantotalo Werne, but the last half of the second season of the show has been seen in original language form, with subtitles).

Points of criticism[edit]

Much like Golden Voice OY before it, Agapio has received heavy criticism for the overall quality of the voice acting. The voice actors were most often accused of lacking any emotion in their performances. The recording voice-level for the dubs were often low and the actors would rarely go to any great lengths to make actions such as screaming, laughing or crying seem credible on screen. The quality of the scripts themselves has also been criticized, though an interview with a former Agapio employee confirmed that the translations usually came from translators outside the studio and were often nonsensical, and the breakneck speed that Agapio was forced to work at due to these delays only made things worse.[1]

Agapio also decided inexplicably to dub several theme songs. Most notorious of these was the theme of Flipper and Lopaka which received wide criticism (the show aired on MTV3 at a time when Nelonen was still a low-profile channel by comparison). Additionally the company also dubbed the singing portions of Alvin and the Chipmunks and Casper, once again with little regard to the actors' actual singing ability and with rigidly translated lyrics. Such segments have been dubbed by the later Tuotantotalo Werne but were for instance left intact by Golden Voice.

However, by far the most notorious criticism came from the company's Digimon dub, which eventually led the company to become disbanded after the network that was currently showing their Digimon dub, Nelonen, received numerous complaints about the quality of their dub.

Infamous dubs[edit]

My Little Pony and The Smurfs had previously been dubbed by Golden Voice.

The themesongs of Flipper & Lopaka, Calimero and Digimon were both re-recorded for the Finnish version and noted for featuring low-level singing by the voice-crew.

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