Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates

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Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates
Fox PeterPanPirates-01.jpg
Title screen
Written byPeter Lawrence
Chris Hubbell
Larry Carroll
David Carren
StarringJason Marsden as the voice of Peter Pan
Tim Curry as the voice of Captain James Hook
Voices ofChris M. Allport
Jack Angel
Michael Bacall
Adam Carl
Debi Derryberry
Ed Gilbert
Whitby Hertford
Tony Jay
Josh Keaton
Christina Lange
Aaron Lohr
Jack Lynch
Scott Menville
David Shaughnessy
Cree Summer
Eugene Williams
Michael Wise
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes65
Executive producer(s)Buzz Potamkin
Editor(s)Don Christensen
Hiroshi Ohno (TMS)
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)20th Century Fox Television
Fox Children's Productions
Southern Star Productions
TMS Entertainment
Distributor20th Television
Original networkFox (Fox Children's Network)
Original releaseSeptember 8, 1990 (1990-09-08) –
September 10, 1991 (1991-09-10)

Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates is an American animated television series based on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan that aired on Fox from September 8, 1990 to September 10, 1991.


The television show focuses as much on the pirates as it does on Peter Pan. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee traditionally are the only pirates who receive any attention in the story, but here, the other crew members of the Jolly Roger (Robert Mullins, Alf Mason, Gentleman Ignatious Starkey, Billy Jukes, and Cookson) are given distinct personalities and character development. A real force to be reckoned with, Hook is a powerful, temperamental, cultured, intelligent, and charming pirate with an insatiable thirst for vengeance.

Some attention was also given to the Native American characters (no longer called Redskins). They and their customs were often featured in the storyline.

One episode featured Wendy's daughter Jane (who appears at the end of the original play Peter Pan and at the end of the original book Peter and Wendy). Jane, from the future, visits the Neverland. At the end of the episode, Wendy is a little sad, because she knows that the existence of her daughter means that one day Wendy will leave Neverland and grow up.



Peter Pan (voiced by Jason Marsden, adsent in 64 episodes) - the titular protagonist of the series and main leader of the group, which includes ten children with him (and one fairy). He has dark brown hair worn in a ponytail and (in this version) wears a brown costume (which distinguishes him from other versions, in which Peter Pan normally wears green). He's always up for a challenge and game for adventure no matter how perilous, sometimes is too confident and sees just everything as a game. In his behaviour, he doesn't notice the bad consequences or his mistakes (as if he doesn't make any) and doesn't get wiser after the event. He can't read and forgets nearly everything. The most important for him is having fun and playing games, where he knows and accepts the rules, but not once finds it more funny and interesting not to consider and (suddenly) to change them. Generally, difficulties are just the perfect challenge for him. There, he is very assertive and confident about himself and especially when hearing (usually of Tink) that the chosen situation is just hopeless and there is no chance for anybody to master with it, he clearly emphasizes, that he is not anybody, but Peter Pan! As in Barrie's novel and other versions, he can imitate other peoples' voices, where he regularly imitates the one of Hook, what saves himself and his friends from difficult situations. One of his favourite activities is his confrontations with Captain Hook, what he enjoys a lot. He can find himself in unpleased situations, where not once he can come out by himself, but can also get into trouble, where alone he is helpless, so he needs the help of his friends or can be lucky the opposite side is not careful and/or inattentive, what can be an advantage for him. Despite his cockiness, recklessness, willfulness, and selfishness, he still always manages to come through in the end. Even though he may be naive, stubborn and always up for fun and games, he knows and recognizes the danger and cares for his friends. In fact, he's the only one, who is independent, cunning, quick, and brave enough to handle it alone with Hook and the whole pirate crew while his friends are not and depend (more) on Peter. He is the good guy who cares for justice and a happy end. However, whole peace and harmony are not for him. It's very important to have action, where danger and adventures belong to. He'd never allow that it would ever come to the end of Hook as well as there will never be an alliance between the two of them, because this way Peter's place and life would become quiet and boring. He does everything to keep Hook and the pirates in Neverland.
Tinker Bell (voiced by Debi Derryberry, 54 episodes) - a red-headed fairy and Peter Pan's sidekick. She's often the more practical of the two and is there for him and the others to get them out of jams if and whenever she can. One way is her fairy dust that not only allows humans to fly, but also has other abilities, like (re)moving machines or making fire or light. The other is the fact that she often has the widest knowledge from Peter's friends, what is necessary for the boy to solve his problems. Being bodily much smaller than everyone else of her friends she can be easier overlooked and the same hide and escape from the enemy and manages to go through tight places. However as being this size she also is physically more touchy and sensitive and as created by Barrie, her power and existence is depended on the human belief in magic and fantasy, especially Peter's. The same she is also able to take away everyone's ability to fly by making a clear decision by her own or if anything gets wrong with her health, the humans who depend on her automatically get affected, too. It's obvious her home and main place is at Peter's, but she is regularly active at the Small Monday Island, where she has her fairy duties, together with other fantastic creatures. On a very other side is interested in copper and pots. Peter is the most important person for her and she'd love to have him all for herself, and regularly becomes jealous of Wendy and would like not to help her but better getting her out of way. It can also regularly be clearly seen that the two girls have very different views and opinions. Nevertheless she is a good person and would never allow anything to happen neither to Wendy nor to anyone else!
Wendy Darling (voiced by Christina Lange, 58 episodes) - the oldest of the Darling siblings, the big sister of John and Michael and only girl of the (human) group. She has short black hair, dark mint coloured eyes, wears a pink dress and a crown made of white flowers. Even if she changes her everyday clothes, she usually wears pink, it rarely happens she has other colours. As in Barrie's novel, she's very tidy, can't stand the mess, is like a mother for the boys and tells them bedtime stories. As Peter claims that girls are smarter and more intelligent than boys, Wendy often is calmer and more mature than the rest of the group and can become very serious without having time for games and fun, just as the perfect opposite of Peter. She also believes even Captain Hook isn't really a bad person and has feelings. However also she likes playing games and having fun and can take part in playing a joke on someone. She's often closer to Peter than anyone else and spends the most time with him. She can be in trouble, where the others, especially Peter, care for her and regularly gets showed some special consideration as being the only girl to whom this kind of treatment is all obvious. It happens that she refuses taking part at the adventures and the fights, but is generally an active person and has a big participation in the action.
John Darling (voiced by Jack Lynch, 54 episodes) - the middle Darling sibling, Wendy's and Michael's brother. He has hazel blond hair and wears a brown bowler hat or derby. It's obvious his main place is in the Darling Family, but not once can be seen (with his gender and age) also as one of the Lost Boys. He also shares the bed with them and often fights with the pirates using a magic sword of wood, which always grows again after breaking, as it does with the six Lost Boys. The big difference is that he wears more formal clothes and more often takes off his headdress. From all the friends, he's the one who spends the most time with books and it can be clearly seen that he can read and write. He also likes making notes and writing journals and enjoys painting. Not once he leads himself by his knowledge and his mind, not by greenness or desire for games and adventures.
Michael Darling (voiced by Whitby Hertford, 53 episodes and 1 cameo - "Hook, the faithful son") - Wendy and John's brother and the youngest of the Darling siblings. He has light brown, curly hair and wears blue, overall-like, footy pajamas. As in the novel, he is the youngest and smallest of the group and has a big basket as his own bed. Sometimes he is slower and more frightened, so Peter and the others must look after him, where the most he desires the care of Wendy, the others care for him, too, but not so often and not always the same person. He loves playing around, having fun and especially enjoys running after animals. Even if being the "pet of the family" and often not able to take part at the action or voluntarily making the choice to stay out of trouble, he doesn't like and prefer being the passive one and doing nothing. He can take part at the fights and adventures and not once comes out as the only one, who can save the situation.
The Lost Boys - a group of six confederates of Peter, only male gender (as clearly explained by Barrie, there is no possibility of the existence of a "Lost Girl"), who got orphaned or basically are no longer with us. They only remember their life in Neverland, don't know how it is and looks beyond this world, so they don't have their own families. Their home and place is at Peter's. Their clothes are informal and a little disrupted. They all wear caps shaped from various animal heads, which are a very big and important part of them. Taking them off is a very special rarity. They spend all the time wearing their caps, even if they go to bed, change their everyday clothes or take a swim in trunks. Not once they have some other headdress, but their main cap hidden under it, but can also have only another cap. There can be a situation, where they need to take their caps off or because of a (little) accident they fall them off.

  • Nibs (voiced by Adam Carl, 50 episodes, 2 cameos - "The Dream", "Elementary, my dear Pan") - one of the tallest and the eldest of the Lost Boys. He has light golden blond hair and wears a cap shaped like a bear's head with the face cut out. He is Peter's second-in-command and makes the orders when Peter is absent. He's the one who is qualified for this role for being the most responsible, sensible and mature when making decisions. When the general action takes place, exactly an argument with Hook, Nibs just gets automatically determined and as being in charge right after Peter, he decides immediately to attack the pirates. However also he not once has a changeable being, where he can become (too) brash and confident and likes to be (more) in spotlight and then another time rather quiet and reluctant and taking either none or at least very little part at the action. As it's usual for children he loves having fun, can also act naively and irresponsibly and sometimes can be a little too slow and inattentive and doesn't note the danger or some important details that surround him. However he also is a brave person. There can be a situation, where he has no choice and just has to enter a strange or risky place, but it's not always this way, as other circumstances are, that it's not necessary to venture. He is well aware of the danger and inconvenience of unpleasant or strange and unknown places and, even if he doesn't have to do this, anyway acts with courage and betakes there. Another big advantage he has is his physical strength, what can be seen, that he not once carries one of his friends or can hold somebody for a longer time. Even if sometimes being unsteady and getting lead by his carelessness and having no knowledge, nevertheless he works on himself to be active and to solve the problem and as being one of the oldest from the group, he cares for the little ones. He knows what to do when acting as the leader, but also listens to Peter and the others when they have their own ideas.
  • Slightly (voiced by Scott Menville, 50 episodes) - the tallest and 2nd eldest Lost Boy. He has very light skin, pale honey blond hair and wears a cap in the shape of a parrot's head. As a reference to his name, he constantly uses the word "slightly" in his sentences and this way also someone else when talking to him uses this word as well. His ambition is to be Peter's second-in-command 'coz of what he's jealous of Nibs, but when he is appointed such, he finds he is not cut out for the position. He is often naive and immature when making decisions what can cause trouble for the others. However he has a clearly seen sincerity and, just the opposite of Peter, doesn't hide to be scared of something and is aware of his mistakes and when making some he honestly admits. It's important for him to take part at the action, but can also prefer the calmness and staying out of the danger and adventures. He sees Peter and the others as his family and is also very important to them. Even if not being the leader he can take the orders, knows what to do during a battle and has his role in the gang of the Lost Boys, where he knows how to act and behave. One known hobby of him is collecting shells and not once he likes to have some private creations published to be seen for everyone (in "The Neverscroll" he expresses his wish of creating the "Slightly's Gorge"). From the Pirate Crew, he is the closest to Billy Jukes.
  • Curly (voiced by Josh Keaton, 49 episodes, 1 cameo - "Tootles, the bold") - a hispanic Lost Boy with a cap shaped like a tiger's head with the face cut out. He has a tanned complexion, caramel brown hair and a very slim figure. From the age he is exactly in the middle of the Lost Boys, where Nibs and Slightly are older and the Twins and Tootles are younger, so because of this and also his way of acting he's neither the leader nor the pet of the family. Regularly he stays closer to Nibs and Slightly, whereas the half of the Lost Boys they either are the ones, who hold each other back and have none or the least important role in the chosen episode or opposite and from all the six Lost Boys they get a bigger role and go together through the trouble and have adventures. But in fact he doesn't have a special person of the group, he is particularly close to (as Tink to Peter, Michael to Wendy or the Twins to each other), generally he is more on his own. It's obvious and all naturally he belongs to and has his role and place in the gang of Peter and the Lost Boys, where it's no problem for him to take the orders from the leader and/or to discharge his duty and also knows what to do when fighting. He has a sense of humour and loves having fun, but also knows and recognizes when the situation is more serious and there is no time for laughing and joking around. He can become very believable and not once gets easily panicked, so it's just easy for the opposite side to take advantage of his fear. However it's very important for him, not to be seen by the others as useless or clumsy, so he tries to act in a more determined and independent manner.
  • The Twins (voiced by Aaron Lohr and Michael Bacall, adsence: Tall Twin - 51 episodes, 1 cameo - "Pirate Boys, Lost Men"; Short Twin - 49 episodes, 2 cameos - "Pirate Boys, Lost Men", "Peter in Wonderland") - two Lost Boys who are biracial Twins (and very much remind of the twin girls Lucy and Maria Aylmer, born 1997). They aren't identical, aside from both wearing caps in the shape of a leopard's head with cut-outs in the front for their faces. Individually (and only in the written language) they're known as Tall Twin and Short Twin, their heights being the main distinction. Other distinctions are their complexions and hair color, Tall Twin having a darker complexion and black curly hair, and Short Twin having fair skin and straight ginger hair. They're so synchronised that they accomplish more when they work together and when talking they finish each other's sentence. They also do practical everything together and are never apart. They are known as the mechanics and inventors of the group and most of their activity is creating, building and testing their own inventions and machines. In the episode "The Great Race", they fall out and find themselves unable to act normally, as they would when together, and their inventions fall apart. It can come out, that their inventions are the rescue in a difficult situation and another time it is their (general) knowledge and acquaintance on machines. Not once they do not anticipate some details in their inventions, what can cause secondary effects and trouble. From all the Lost Boys they have the biggest role in the series and appear in the most episodes and all in all they accompany Peter in the most adventures. One reason is because their machines are a very big help (for Peter) to play tricks and jokes on the pirates, who represent the main action in the episodes. However, there is no episode that got titled and dedicated only to them, they're not the heroes in a single episode. But they get the biggest or only role in almost every of the most significant and important episodes from the series, as there the viewer is getting the most information of Captain Hook - "After the Laughter", "Knights of Neverland", "First Encounter", "Ages of Pan, pt. 1 & 2" and "A Hole in the Wall", except "Immortal Pan" and "The Rake". (In "First Encounter" their important role is, that from them Peter knows about Hook, who presents all the action in the series. But the other important role have Tootles and Nibs, as they are the reason, Peter cut off Hook's hand, the worst cruelty Peter ever did to Hook, also explained in the novel.)
  • Tootles (voiced by Chris M. Allport, 44 episodes) - the youngest and smallest of the Lost Boys who wears a cap in the shape of a panda's head with face cut-out and has a black blotch around his left eye for the emphasis of this animal. He is very small and has a round stomach, but because he loves eating and always finds time for this. As created by Barrie he is often clumsy which can cause problems for the others when looking for adventures. He can also become too sensitive, especially when getting judged or not noticed by the others. Even though he has his role in the group, knows what to do when fighting (the pirates), can come out with the idea how to save the situation and as referred to in the episode "Tootles and the Dragon" he is the most patient of the group. Of the Lost Boys he's the one who is the closest to Michael, thanks to whom his position generally can be seen. When Michael is at the same place, Tootles is not the little one and just helpless, but more mature and independent and equal with the older boys. But not once, especially when Michael is not around, Tootles as being the smallest and youngest Lost Boy must be looked some more after by the others. From Peter's closest friends he has the smallest appearance in the series, however there are three episodes which got titled and dedicated to him, the most number, all the other friends have less of it. And in episode "First Encounter" it is explained, why he is the main reason, (together with Nibs, but his role is just a little smaller,) Captain Hook lost his right hand and from then on became famous for his steel hook.


Captain James Algernon Cloudesley Hook (voiced by Tim Curry, 64 episodes) - the main antagonist of the series and Peter Pan's nemesis. As his title implies, he is the captain and the head of his pirate crew. Although he's well-known for his ruthless and nefarious nature, the Hook in this version is more complex and in many ways closer to the portrayal in Barrie's book. He's missing his right hand and has a sharp iron hook instead. Rather than the traditional long black hair (or wig) and long mustache, this Hook is clean-shaven and has his white hair styled in the manner of a powdered wig. As the captain of the ship called "The Jolly Roger", he has a pirate crew and a parrot named Short Tom. In contrast to his bumbling crew, Hook is very much the aristocrat, and is very well-read and charming in a sinister way. He can be called a fine musician and, despite the loss of his hand, he is very good at playing a harpsichord, his beloved instrument he not once treats as a treasure and can become sensitive to its point, for instance if someone else plays it or uses it carelessly. He usually expresses dissatisfaction about his crew. However, the same way can see the advantages at one them, what he wants to make (sensible) use of. He can get into trouble, where he not once is able to come out by himself, but it can also happen that he needs the help of Peter and/or the others. He is immune to Neverland's usual magic, however can be affected by strange magic. Two members of his family are mentioned, although they are already dead: his brother Patch, who owned his own pirate ship called "The Rake", and his mother, who is referred to as having had some unfulfilled wishes about her son James and after her death the only thing left of her memory being a portrait that Hook has in his cabin, but never being shown completely. However, it is strongly implied that she was hideously ugly and terrifying. As generally having a very rude and cruel character, Hook has a weakness for mothers, not only his own, but also strange mothers and can become sensitive, when he hears of her thoughts or feelings. Insight to his past is given in the episode "Hook's Christmas", where it is shown that, together with his brother, they were once partners in piracy. However, when Hook's fiancé discovered that he was a pirate and this way had chosen the path of crime, she left him. Heartbroken and moody, Hook would later duel his brother for command of the ship, a fight that claimed the latter's left eye. Also, in "Ages of Pan", Hook mentions that he served in the British Navy at some point in his life.
Smee (voiced by Ed Gilbert in an Irish accent, 64 episodes) - Captain Hook's loyal first mate and the closest he has to a friend, although he rarely seems to appreciate it. He's determined by him as a big dummy and not once also by the other pirates. Smee is of Irish descent and in his appearance small, but rather slim, has grey-brown hair and a beard and oval dirty blue eyes. As known from Barrie's novel, his weapon is a sword that he named Johnny Corkscrew. The main difference from the other pirates is that he is often clumsy and not really able to capture any of the Lost Boys, it is a big rarity when he manages to do this. Generally, the closest person to him is Captain Hook. Despite all the confusion and his environment, it is important for him not to leave the pirate crew. He is faithful to his Captain and stays on his side, but not once can also be more equal to the other pirates.
The Pirate Crew – a group of pirates, various aged, all male gender, whose home address is the Jolly Roger. They take the orders of Captain Hook and are subjected to him. Even if not being completely pleased of the life they live and this position with being the servants of this kind of man and regularly getting only criticized and almost hunted by him, they are, in fact, all dependent on Hook and only by having him as their captain their daily life can run normally. Similarly, Captain Hook needs to be with his crew, especially for catching Peter and his band, who, as children, are smaller and weaker than the grown-up men, so they have no chance to refuse.

  • Robert Mullins (voiced by Jack Angel, 62 episodes) - a member of Captain Hook's crew who hails from Brooklyn. He is medium height, muscular, has a long face, light brown hair and mustache and a scar at his left eye. He is very good in sword fighting and tends to clash with his leader more than anyone else on the ship. Although he refers to Captain Hook as "the finest pirate who ever lived", he sometimes schemes to take over command. However, he has no chance to become the leader, as Captain Hook is just too autonomous and powerful, and Mullins is never going to consider him. His biggest disadvantage is that he is deeply superstitious and prone to landsickness. Despite this, he often leaves the ship, it rarely happens that he comes off in a land expedition but stays on the Jolly Roger or it happens, that he has his important duties to do on land, that there is no mention of his intolerance and without any problem he copes with this. Robert is good friends with Billy Jukes and has taught him about pirating.
  • "Gentleman" Ignatious P. Starkey (voiced by David Shaughnessy, 62 episodes) - a foppish yet gentlemanly and English member of Hook's crew. He speaks with a "dash-it-all" accent, has a high physique, long black hair he wears in a ponytail and a thin mustache. He wears a long cape and as a weapon uses a rapier, he always has with and can easily pull out, being ready for the battle and also tries it as a pugilist. He is believed to be the first mate and can become conceited and confident in himself. Similar to Mullins, not once also he overestimates himself and thinks to be able to be the Captain instead of Hook but, in fact, will never be the right one for this pose. He can come into trouble, where he is not able to come out by himself and someone else must do this and also not once has no courage, so he admits that he is scared.
  • Alf Mason (voiced by Tony Jay, 57 episodes) — a member of Hook's crew who serves as a carpenter and strongman. He has a strong physical build, is tall, very muscular, has no hair, and wears a blue nightcap. As a weapon, Alf often wields a mallet. Although he fears Hook as much as the rest of the crew if the pirates are doubtful about an order from the captain, he is usually the first to voice it. It can happen that he is inattentive or helpless. A big benefit is his strong build and physical strength, where the others, especially Peter's friends, have no chance to oppose him. Even so, he can become emotionally sensitive and shows his feelings.
  • Billy Jukes (voiced by Eugene Williams, 57 episodes) - The youngest pirate who is of Old World/Indian descent. Before he became a member of the pirates, he was a castaway on a desert island. Billy was rescued by Captain Hook's crew and taught pirating by Robert Mullins, to whom he is very loyal to. As not being an adult as the other pirates, he is not well risen and has no facial hair. He is very slim, has dark skin and thick brunette hair that often conceals one eye. Despite his age, he is not excluded by the crew (certainly not as much as bosun Smee) and it's obvious that his main place is at the pirates. It is seldom emphasized, that he is the youngest and immature at his age. He seldom has a sword with, which he uses as his weapon, as the other pirates do. Instead, as being the ship's gunner, he is responsible for the cannons, so he is never far away from the big cannon, 'Long Tom', that is his main weapon and at the skirmishes with Peter and the others, he's the one who shouts with it. He cares to keep it clean and sometimes also sleeps on it. As he is the closest to the cannon it usually comes out he doesn't go to the land with Hook and the others. He is an active person and physically moves a lot, where in his young age it is no problem for him to do activities with (some) more effort. One his very unpleased disadvantages is, that he is not a good swimmer, so prefers to avoid to go diving but when he knows that there is no other way to solve a difficult situation he never hesitates. He also has a wide knowledge at machines and other uncommon instruments and is the inventor among the pirate crew, what is a big feature he has in common with the Twins. Not once he cooperates with Peter and his band, where it can come out for him to be a liar and traitor, but sometimes shows he really has a good heart and cares for the boys.
  • Eucrates Cookson (voiced by Jack Angel in a Greek accent, 56 episodes) - the ship's disgusting chef, who has his individual method for his dishes and menu. Instead of typical weapons, he can use kitchen devices and is very good in using a fishing net. From all the others, he spends the most time in the kitchen, where he can be seen cooking. As having his main place in the kitchen and a massive build, it usually comes out he doesn't take part at the action, where physical exercise is needed and generally disclaims going on land and when he leaves the Jolly Roger, his plans are finding some food. Not once his dishes are good not for eating, but for performing his own miracles. In fact, he is not very intellectual and seldom thinks before acting. He is a miserable singer.

Short Tom - a malicious parrot, Captain Hook's mischievous pet, which wears an eye-patch. It is capable of speaking but is limited to phrases obviously taught to him. Frequently, he tries to alert the pirates when seeing Peter Pan sneaking aboard, but because of its limited speech usually fails to get Hook and the pirates to understand. Short Tom faithful to the Captain, who cares to keep his parrot close to himself and never to leave the Jolly Roger.

The Croc (19 episodes) - a big reptile, the same crocodile that had devoured Captain Hook's hand. She lives in her caves, that have the shape of a crocodile's head and doesn't tolerate any kind of intruders. Not once Peter and the others only can handle with the pirates by using the Croc's help, but all in all they're not friends to each other and this animal must be avoided. A ticking clock is heard every time the Croc is near. In the series, the clock is magical and controls the whole time of day in Neverland.

Other characters[edit]

The Indians - A tribe of Natives who reside in Neverland and often help out Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Only three of them figure prominently in the series, some other were seen only briefly in the episode "Pirate Boys, Lost Men".

  • Great Big Little Panther (voiced by Michael Wise, 12 episodes) - The Indian chief and father of Tiger Lily and Hard-To-Hit. He's very wise and often assists Peter and his friends when they have (some big) problems.
  • Tiger Lily (voiced by Cree Summer, 5 episodes-main, 4 episodes-minor, 1 cameo - "Play Ball") - The daughter of Great Big Little Panther and sister of Hard-To-Hit. She and her little brother sometimes tag along with and aid Peter and their other friends on their many adventures. Generally, she is physically active, but also a friendly person, and can be recognized as being calmer. Finding it unnecessary to take a risk and to prove to be the better one and showing to be more mature. Together with her brother, they love having fun as it's obvious for children and not once are too naive and inattentive. However, they also know and recognize when the situation is more serious and act much more mature.
  • Hard-to-Hit (voiced by Aaron Lohr, 6 episodes-main, 5 episodes-minor, 1 cameo - "Play Ball") - Great Big Little Panther's son and Tiger Lily's younger brother. He is very active and knows the weapons of his tribe and how to use them. Generally, he gets accompanied by his sister, although it's seldom if ever he's on his own. At the same time, it is obvious for him to be less mature and, as a boy, he not once wants to have challenges and to prove (in fact especially himself) to be independent and able to care for his own. Unfortunately, not once he is not careful enough, where there can come out some bigger trouble, where he just needs the help of someone else.
  • Spirit Guide (2 episodes) - A panther that is invoked by Great Big Little Panther to guide Peter during the storm to recover the magic sand.
  • Little Panther - an ancestor of the Indians who once took care to calm down the argument of the sun and the moon and their chaos of day and night this two creatures had caused.

The Mermaids - A group of young women, who are half human and half fish. They live in the sea and are most seen at the Mermaids' Lagoon or nearby. They're vain and care for their looks and good appearance. They enjoy playing, joking and having fun and collecting items from the land. From all the humans who live above the water they only like Peter and no-one else. Like Tinkerbell and the fairies, the Mermaids are magical. Their singing can hypnotize and lure men to their doom, conjure bubbles which sink or float, make bubbles big enough to supply air for or trap humans, command tides, conjure water spouts, and manipulate water in other ways.

  • Crooked Tail (voiced by Linda Gary, 2 episodes-main, 2 episodes-minor) - A mermaid who is feared by the Purple and Blue Mermaids. She was once beautiful, but conceited and haughty until a potion to enhance her beauty went horribly awry turning her into a green-skinned mermaid. In "Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid", she helped Peter Pan rescue Wendy from two mermaids who tried to turn Wendy into a mermaid. She is the only mermaid who shows respect to all the human children, not only Peter. She appears in the episode "The ruby" too.
  • The Blonde and Redhead Mermaids (2 episodes) - Two mermaids who only appear twice as villains in the series. One has shoulder length light blonde hair and a lilac tail. The second has short pale red hair and blue scales which covers her tails, chest, shoulders and arms. While they are usually seen together, they often insult each other and both are very vain. They appear in "The Ruby" and "Vanity, thy name is Mermaid", where it can be emphasized that Crooked Tail is their opponent and has just opposite purposes to them. They are against all humans and not even befriend Peter, who is known as a big attraction to all the other mermaids.
  • The Brunette Mermaids - Two mermaids with black hair and dark skin who appear in "Vanity, thy name is Mermaid".

Captain Patch (voiced by Ed Gilbert, 2 episodes) – aka Jasper Hook is the older brother of James Hook who once served as his midshipman. Hook took out Jasper's left eye years ago when Jasper wouldn't give James a bigger share of their loot. Ever since he's been wearing a patch, which is why he is known as Captain Patch. Presumably Patch died not long afterwards, and his chest of treasures somehow ended up hidden in a cave in Neverland with a curse. In "The Rake" Hook and the pirates take this chest to the Jolly Roger, what ends up summoning Captain Patch's ghost who then summons his giant ghost ship in order to take revenge on his brother. Later, Jasper appeared in "Hook's Christmas" where first the Ghost of Christmas Past shows Hook as he once used to work with his brother until the incident that led up to Jasper's loss of an eye. His spirit later is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. (It should be noted Patch and his ship appeared somewhat different in each of the two episodes.)
Alde Baran (1 episode-main, 4 episodes-minor) - A white dwarf, who works with miniature-horses and has magical boots. A good friend of Tinker Bell, as he is her size.
Olook (voiced by Jack Angel, 5 episodes) - A grumpy giant troll who lives in his big cave with a secret entrance, has an own library, is able do special troll-magic and interested in valuable items. When fighting, only his strong body is enough to be a big fear. However, not once he uses his big cudgel. He appears in the episode "Slightly in stone".

Temporary characters[edit]

The Girl in the Moon (voiced by Kath Soucie, 2 episodes-main, 1 mentioned - "Jules Verne Night") - A blonde girl in a turquoise dress who is responsible for bringing the night by replacing the sun that appears during the day with the moon at the normal time. When any problems arise and the day and night cannot appear normally as the result the normal daytime loses its balance. She appears in the episodes "Now day party" and "The girl who lives in the moon".
Django - A gipsy dwarf who is a showman. He is good friends with Alde Baran.
Nico (2 episodes-main, 1 episode-minor) - a wolf that Wendy claims she first saw in her dreams and after she meets him for real, she knows immediately, he belongs to her. Nico doesn't live in a pack, what generally is characteristic for these animals, but is independent. He needs help when there appear problems which animals aren't able to manage by themselves, like getting caught through human traps or natural catastrophes on an island where he is stuck and cannot leave it by himself.
Wherever - A big and powerful spirit. He appears when somebody loses something to take possession of this lost object and then brings it to his big caverns that are located deep under the sea. He appears in the episodes "After the laughter" and "Footrace".
King Kyros (voiced by Jack Angel) - the Ice King of Neverland. He owns a giant ice cave with lots of corridors and tunnels and has some elves as his subworkers. In fact, King Kyros is not one of the bad guys. The conflict with him was started by Peter, who just entered the King's home without any permission and took away one of his crystals claiming it was his own. He appears in the episode "Coldest cut of all".
Jack O' Lantern - a ghost which revives in Halloween. He appears in the episode "All Hallow's Eve".
Jane - Wendy's daughter from the future. She appears in the episode "The lost memories of pirate Pan".
Frau Brumhandel - a valkyrie who appears in the episode "Frau Brumhandel".
King Oberon - the king of the fairies. He appears in the episode "A wee problem".
Queen Gloriana - the queen of the fairies. She appears in the episode "A wee problem".
Forget-Me-Not - a fairy who appears in the episode "The lost memories of pirate Pan".
The Dragon - a big creature which is resurrected by a key and appears, that can be only pulled out by a patient person. It is very sensitive and gets angry when being disturbed, but in fact isn't a bad creature and prefers to rest in peace than to fight.
Ratatat - a little stone gnome which is discovered by the Lost Boys while they are cleaning the Underground House. He comes to life and orders them to leave, so he goes to the Jolly Rodger to help Hook and pirates find them. He appears in the episode "Evicted".
Cecilia - Hook's ex bethrothed. She appears in the episode "Hook's Christmas".
The Never Master - An ancient wizard with a staff. The ancient text of a book explains how to ask the Never Star for three wishes, from which the magician leaves to grant the wishes. He appears in the episode "Three wishes".
Fairy of the Monday Island (3 episodes) - a blonde fairy who watches that no one sneaks into the fair. She appears in the episode "A day at the fair".


The following show the differences from J.M. Barrie's book or other Peter Pan versions:

  • This series doesn't feature a beginning introducing the whole Darling family, who lives in the real world in London, nor explains how Peter takes Wendy to Neverland. From the first episode, they already live in the underground house, know Hook and the pirates, and are friends with the Indians. The same it has an unknown end, where the Darling siblings leave Neverland and return home as they decided to grow up. As for the typical US order of showing episodes, no chronology is needed and there is no episode to have a clear accentuation to be the last one, as thanks to the order of airing of every single episode it is shown not to be natural. it is discernible, that the events of the episode "Vanity, thy name is Mermaid" are taking place before "The Ruby", however the episode "The Ruby" got produced and shown earlier than "Vanity, thy name is Mermaid". The same is with "The Girl, who lives in the Moon", where Tink talks with her friend about the day, when the pirates stole his seven league boots, but this event is taking place in the episode that got broadcast later - "Seven League Boots". The same it is mysterious, what is the fate of the Lost Boys, Peter's allies, that they are in Neverland and without the series having a well known end like in Barrie's novel, it is unclear if they get adopted by the Darling parents and grow up (as it happens in Peter Pan (2003) or Peter Pan Live!) or decide to stay in Neverland, as they want to be with Peter forever (like Disney's Peter Pan or The Adventures of Peter Pan). And it is unknown, which was the order, Peter took them to Neverland. In the first episode "The coldest Cut of all" Nibs is asking Peter, how it looks in the ice caves, showing the viewer this Lost Boy hasn't visited this place yet. Little later, Tootles is telling, he already visited the caves as Peter took everybody with, the last time he went there, so all the Lost Boys, who already were Peter's allies. This shows it is known, that obviously Tootles came to Neverland before Nibs, and with Tootles some boys more, but who exactly is unknown. In episode "First Encounter" Peter is telling, how it was before the Darlings came to Neverland and in his flashback the Lost Boys who appear are Tootles, the Twins and Nibs. It can be concluded, that together with Tootles, the Twins are the ones, who also came before Nibs but Slightly and Curly weren't yet in Neverland. However this is only a possibility but no presumption. It may also be that Slightly and Curly just don't get a role in this episode, as compared with all the others, there regularly are episodes, where someone doesn't appear, (what even was made in one episode with Peter and in another with Hook,) but it's still obvious, he/she is somewhere in Neverland, just this time doesn't get presented to the viewer.
  • In other versions, Peter always wears his knife next to his waist at the belt, but in this version he has it attached to his right boot.
  • In the book, Tinker Bell has her own "fairy language", which humans only hear like the sounds of ringing bells (Disney's Tinker Bell Movies). Likewise, she doesn't speak in most other versions, but makes tinkling or other sounds, which Peter understands "Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", Peter Pan Burbank or "Peter Pan Live!"). In this version and some others, she can speak the human language ("The Adventures of Peter Pan", Hook or The New Adventures of Peter Pan).
  • In the novel, Barrie describes Tink's figure as somewhat plump - "She was slightly inclined to embonpoint", but in this version (and most of the others) she is portrayed as slim.
  • In Barrie's novel Captain Hook's hair is black, so many versions present him with this look ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "Hook" or "Peter Pan Live!") and in some other it is not exactly black, but still dark ("The Adventures of Peter Pan", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "The New Adventures of Peter Pan"). But here it is white. In the episode "After the Laughter" it is shown, that not even in his childhood his hair was black, but fair.
  • In most other versions, Captain Hook becomes frightened, panicked, and almost petrified when hearing the ticking of a clock, indicating that the crocodile is close ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "The Adventures of Peter Pan"). In this version, his behavior is inconsistent. Hook often is ready to bridle, when he notes the presence of the crocodile.
  • In the original book and some other versions, John wears a (black) stovepipe hat ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "The Adventures of Peter Pan" or "Peter Pan Live!"). Here, he has a (brown) derby.
  • The look of the figures is not much described by J.M. Barrie. But in most of the other versions, Wendy is either blonde ("The Adventures of Peter Pan", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "Peter Pan Live!") or has, at least, lighter hair ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)" or "Hook") and from the Darling siblings the lightest hair color ("Peter Pan (2003)", "The Adventures of Peter Pan", "Peter Pan Burbank", "The New Adventures of Peter Pan" or "Peter Pan Live!") while frequently, her brother John has the darkest hair color ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "Peter Pan Live!"). In "Peter Pan and the Pirates" Wendy with black hair has the darkest and John being dark blond has the lightest hair color from the Darling siblings.
  • As described in the novel and in some other versions, the Twins, two of the Lost Boys, are monozygotic twins and look identical ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "Peter Pan Live!"). However, in this version, they are dizygotic and look very different. One is short and Caucasian, the other is taller and clearly African. They are recognized as twins by wearing similar caps and doing everything together.
  • In the novel, Barrie describes the clothes of the Lost Boys as being skins from bears that they'd once executed. Here, they wear normal clothes and from animals, they have only caps of their heads, which are an important part of them. And only two of them, Nibs and Tootles, have caps from bears' heads, the rest of the boys have other animals.
  • In other Peter Pan movies or series, in Neverland, only Peter is able to fly all the time, while the Darlings only do it for coming there ("Disney's Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "The Adventures of Peter Pan", "Peter Pan Burbank" or "Peter Pan Live!") and everyone else can fly only when Tink gives them her fairy dust, effective only for a finite period of time (Disney's Return to Neverland or "The New Adventures of Peter Pan"). In "Peter Pan and the Pirates" not only Peter, but also his closest friends, the Darlings and the Lost Boys, can fly all the time.


No.TitleWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateProd.
1"The Coldest Cut of All"Karen Willson and Chris WeberDon Christensen8 September 1990 (1990-09-08)7F02
King Kyros's Ice Realm is one area of Neverland where Peter Pan is not welcome. But the arrogant and reckless boy is not about to let a cranky ice god spoil his fun. Peter takes an ice crystal from the ice caves and returns home to share his treasure and adventurous tale with Wendy, Tink and the Lost Boys. His friends will also be sharing his punishment when Kyros retaliates ...
2"Living Pictures"George Hampton, Mike Moore, Larry Carroll, David CarrenDon Christensen17 September 1990 (1990-09-17)7F01
Peter and the boys always love listening to Wendy's stories, which she writes and reads. There Tinker Bell knows something better. She uses her magic to make the contents of story books real, so that everybody can take part in the action.
3"River of Night"Brynne Stephens, Michael ReavesDon Christensen, George Hampton18 September 1990 (1990-09-18)7F03
Peter joins Hard-to-Hit and Tiger Lily in a journey down the Mysterious River to seek out an ancient golden arrow. Hook and the Pirates pursue them through a series of perils along the way. Every group has its own methods to go through the obstacles, that are on the way.
4"Slightly in Stone"Lawrence DitillioDon Christensen19 September 1990 (1990-09-19)7F04
Tink has a magic powder she bought from Olook, the troll and wants to try it out on berries. It's too heavy for her, so it falls out of her hands and gets in touch with Slightly. Now Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys must scavenge Neverland for the supplies needed to cure Slightly.
5"The Rake"Peter Lawrence and Michael Reaves20 September 1990 (1990-09-20)TBA
Peter, Slightly and John accidentally open a box that contained the Ghost of Captain Patch (AKA Jasper Hook), who raises his ship called the Rake and plans his revenge on his younger brother, Captain James Hook for blinding him years ago. Now Captain Hook must work together with Peter Pan in order to defeat Captain Patch.
6"Peter on Trial"Larry Carroll, David Carren27 September 1990 (1990-09-27)TBA
Peter and Tink sneak on board the Jolly Roger in order to play with Hook's harpsichord. Hook catches them in the act and captures Peter, destroying his beloved instrument in the process. All looks grim for Peter until Wendy flies over and convinces Hook to give Peter a trial.
7"The Wind and the Panther"Charles Kaufman, Larry Carroll, David Carren17 October 1990 (1990-10-17)TBA
Hook tampers with Great Big Little Panther's magic sand, which can create and control the weather, sending the weather of Neverland into a frenzy. Peter must retrieve this property before the storms Hook created kill anyone.
8"Treasure Hunt"Peter Lawrence1 November 1990 (1990-11-01)TBA
In the early morning Peter appears on the Jolly Roger and annoys the pirates. This makes Hook going insane, that he draws up a phony treasure map in order to lure Peter and the Darlings into a trap and to take revenge on them.
9"The Plucking of Short Tom"George Hampton, Mike Moore5 November 1990 (1990-11-05)TBA
Short Tom leaves the Jolly Roger and makes good friends with Tink. Smee knows how important this parrot is for his Captain, so that he takes some of the pirates to the land to get the pet back, while the others, who stayed on the ship, must busy Hook, not to let him notice, what'd happened. Unfortunately he finds out, that his beloved Short Tom is missing and decides to take care of this problem by himself. This could be dangerous for Peter's friend …
10"The Dream"Peter Lawrence7 November 1990 (1990-11-07)TBA
Michael keeps having a strange nightmare about the Crocodile and a red eagle, which just cannot stop and only chases him. It's up to Peter and the Darlings to find out what it means and stop it for good. The Indian chief gives them advice, they start to follow. Unfortunately Hook wants to interfere, as usual …
11"Demise of Hook"Larry Carroll, David Carren8 November 1990 (1990-11-08)TBA
Peter and the Lost Boys cause a commotion among the pirates when they steal the Jolly Roger's flag. In trying to retaliate, Hook puts too much gunpowder into Long Tom and gets blown to smithereens. The rest of the pirates decide to leave Neverland since their captain's vendetta with Peter was the only thing that kept them there. Peter is devastated that Hook is dead and that the pirates are gone, but he may just get one last showdown with his archenemy when the Lost Boys tell him that Hook's back.
12"Pirate Boys, Lost Men"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell9 November 1990 (1990-11-09)TBA
In the middle of the night the Lost Boys are hunting a bear, while the Pirates want to steal a magic crystal. Because both of this targets are located on the same place, at the same time, it's not possible for the two parties to converge with each other and then to go through the unpleased consequences.
13"After the Laughter"Sean Roche13 November 1990 (1990-11-13)TBA
The jealous Mermaids of the Lagoon capture Wendy and tickle her laughter out of her. This disturbs the spirit of Cavern Wherever in the process. Now Peter and Wendy must journey into the Cavern under the lagoon and get Wendy's Laugh back, before she is destroyed, encountering Hook's lost childhood in the process.
14"Stupid Smee"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell16 November 1990 (1990-11-16)TBA
Hook is unpleased with Smee, who can never do anything right and finally expulses him. Now Smee is left to fend for himself and soon Wendy starts feeling with him. She tries to befriend him and to persuade Peter and the Lost Boys to help him, as it'd be better not only for Smee, but also for themselves.
15"The Play's the Thing"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell19 November 1990 (1990-11-19)TBA
While searching for Peter Pan's hideout, the pirates spy the Lost Boys rehearsing a Shakespeare play in the woods. Hook is so appalled by their incorrect recitations that he steps out of hiding and wows everyone with a flawless rendition of a soliloquy from Julius Caesar. Everyone then agrees on a temporary truce so that Hook can direct a production of Romeo and Juliet starring Wendy as Juliet. It's a tense truce that threatens to turn deadly when Hook decides to use the play's sleeping potion as a way to poison Wendy.
16"Hook's Mother's Picture"Peter Lawrence, Tony Zalewski23 November 1990 (1990-11-23)TBA
Up in the sky Wendy builds a cloudstatue that represents her mother. The Lost Boys get curious, as they don't know what a mother is. To let them know Peter decides to go to the Jolly Roger to take a look at a portrait of Hook's mother, so they'd at least know how a real mother looks like. As the boys really want to know this, they don't care about the danger there and go with Peter. Being careful, they get to Hook's cabin and fulfil the quest. To make things funnier, Peter steals the picture. The pirates try to replace it, which causes confusion over which is the real picture.
17"A Wee Problem"Michael Reaves26 November 1990 (1990-11-26)TBA
Everyone is awestruck at the appearance of three moons above Neverland. Tinker Bell is especially thrilled, for this gives her the ability to shrink Peter down to fairy size and take him to visit the Fairy King. But she's not too happy when Peter insists that the Darlings and the Lost Boys come along. Tink messes with the others' ability to fly, which leads to such disaster that King Oberon kicks Wendy and the boys out. With the children unable to revert to their former size, they become easy prey for the pirates and the Crocodile, especially since Tink is keeping Peter distracted.
18"Knights of Neverland"William Overgard27 November 1990 (1990-11-27)TBA
Peter and the others are playing one of Wendy's stories, King Arthur and the Knights. For the game, they are all wearing heavy armor, which makes them unable to fly. At the same time Wendy remembers that she had a dream of a wolf, named Nico which turns out to be real. Soon this wolf gets kidnapped by the Pirates. Despite the difficulty and danger without flying, three of the Lost Boys try to release the animal, but don't succeed and (literally) get hung up by the Pirates. Wendy then tries to free them all in a more female way, by talking and staying calm, but also this is without any effect, so she gets tied up as well. Finally, Peter comes to save the day with the help of the rest of the Boys and Tink's fairy dust. At the end he can (literally) hang up Hook and the Pirates and rescue his friends and the wolf. Wendy is happy nothing bad'd happened to Nico. She cares for his freedeom, so the two of them say goodbye to each other.
19"Pirate Shadows"William Overgard, Peter Lawrence28 November 1990 (1990-11-28)TBA
While playing Michael gets frightened by a shadow, that he cannot calm down. Peter means he doesn't have to as shadows are peaceful and would never hurt anybody. In the same night he steals the Pirates' shadows. Unfortunately they are more dangerous than he realizes. Soon they become independent and start to try and do Peter in. With the loss of their shadows, the Pirates are not able to walk normally and must do so on their hands. The only way to make everything normal again is for the Pirates' to reunite with their shadows. But not necessarily everybody has to be connected to his own ...
20"Now Day Party"Sean Roche17 December 1990 (1990-12-17)TBA
Michael wishes to celebrate his birthday and Wendy decides to fulfil this. Everybody agrees and is ready to help and take part. Everybody except Peter. He is against birthdays, as they mean to get older and finally to grow up. The only way not to celebrate this birthday is not to allow the next day to come is to keep the night lasting. He takes the girl from the moon down to the earth and makes everything to her liking so that she doesn't want to return to the moon, which sticks unmoved in the sky.
21"When Games Become Deadly"William Overgard18 December 1990 (1990-12-18)TBA
Peter and the others are having a lot fun by playing games. Suddenly they get disturbed by a new cannon developed by the Pirates. The Twins find that interesting and decide to fight back with their own inventions. However Peter sees that Hook has started to change the rules the two groups have between each other. As calling himself the one who always wins, Peter knows that he must go on with the idea of the Twins, so they can make the last attack.
22"Eternal Youth"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell20 December 1990 (1990-12-20)TBA
Peter makes Hook and his crew believe that there is a magic river in Neverland with water that can make everyone and everything younger. First Hook is sure this all is only a stupid joke, but finally he tries it out on his own parrot, Short Tom, and sees the results the next day. He wants Smee to take him to the place where he got this magic water. He doesn't know that Peter has his own plans in store.
23"The Foot Race"Chris Trengove, Peter Lawrence24 December 1990 (1990-12-24)TBA
Peter and Wendy are playing hide and seek with Tiger Lily and Hard-to-Hit. A No Flying rule is in place to give the Indians a fair chance, but Peter breaks the rule in order to win the game. Hard-to-Hit becomes angry about this and claims that Peter could never win anything without his flying power. This brings about a contest in which an earth-bound Peter and Wendy race Hard-to-Hit and Tiger Lily in retrieving various artifacts around Neverland. Unfortunately, the competitive boys make each round more dangerous since there is never a clear winner to the race, so that finally Hook gets attentive.
24"Nibs and the Mermaids"William Overgard31 December 1990 (1990-12-31)TBA
Nibs decides to journey to the bottom of the lagoon in order to see the Mermaids' Grotto.
25"All Hallow's Eve"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell4 January 1991 (1991-01-04)TBA
It's All Hallows Eve, so Peter and the Lost Boys are playing tons of pranks on the pirates. One prank they pull is to steal the pirates' lantern. This revives the Jack O Lantern ghost, who gets Smee to steal the lantern back from Peter. The ghost then summons other ghosts, witches, and goblins from the volcano to wreak havoc all over the island. At first Hook and the crew think Smee is a deserter and hunt him down, but when they learn about the ghost they realize their mistake. The pirates and the Lost Boys must team up if they're to reclaim the lantern before Neverland is completely overrun by the undead!
26"Billy Jukes, Lost Boy"Doug Booth7 January 1991 (1991-01-07)TBA
When Robert Mullins comes down with Neverfever and Billy Jukes goes after him in order to find a cure, Slightly tries to prove himself to the others by capturing them. Only for the three of them to be caught in a thunderstorm. While taking refuge in a cave and planning to find the antidote needed to cure Robert, Slightly learns about Billy and Robert's past.
27"The Phantom Shaman"Chris Trengove and Peter Lawrence9 January 1991 (1991-01-09)TBA
Cookson poses as a shaman in order to lure Peter and Wendy to their doom.
28"Tootles and the Dragon"Bruce Schaefer14 January 1991 (1991-01-14)TBA
Peter and the boys find a giant magic key that is stuck in Dragon's Rock. After everyone's failure to wrestle it free, Tootles touches it and makes the stone come alive.
29"First Encounter"Ted Lederson, Steven Waves26 January 1991 (1991-01-26)TBA
John is in an inquisitive mood today and wants to know how certain events in Neverland came to pass. Peter begins answering John's questions by explaining why he made the Croc swallow the clock. He then describes how the Jolly Roger was brought to Neverland by a strange hurricane and how the Lost Boys and the pirates first met. During the course of the story, Peter reveals that he cut off Hook's hand when he thought that the pirate had killed Nibs and Tootles in their first battle. The flashbacks show that Hook's scream of pain could be heard all over the island as a signal that life in Neverland would never be the same.
30"Slightly Duped"Larry Carroll and David Carren31 January 1991 (1991-01-31)TBA
Slightly visits the "oracle" of Neverland wishing to be Peter's second in command, which he is eventually appointed to. After being much too naive and getting tricked first by his friends, as a joke, and later by the pirates, more seriously, he causes a lot of trouble for everybody and finally realizes he's not qualified for the position.
31"Professor Smee"Matthew Malach1 February 1991 (1991-02-01)TBA
Smee finds a big shell, which tells him everything he wants to know. This can be the big chance for Hook to find out the home of Peter and the others.
32"Evicted!"Lawrence Hartstein2 February 1991 (1991-02-02)TBA
A little stone gnome in a closet of the Underground House suddenly comes to life and orders the Lost Boys to leave, by threatening to tell Hook about their living place.
33"The Girl Who Lives in the Moon"Sean Roche4 February 1991 (1991-02-04)TBA
Robert Mullins's quest to cure his land sickness with a magical spell causes the moon to plummet from the sky. Hook saves the Girl Who Lives in the Moon and becomes completely captivated by her beauty and charm. In an attempt to prove to Peter that not all children hate him, Hook tries to win the Girl's affections by convincing her he wants to help put the moon back in the sky. Somehow, Peter must get the Girl away from the pirates and return her home to the proper place.
34"Hook's Christmas"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell5 February 1991 (1991-02-05)TBA
Captain Hook believes that Christmas is a waste of time even after he crashes his crew's Christmas party and locks himself in his cabin for the remainder of the evening. He is then visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (who resembles Wendy), Ghost of Christmas Present (who resembles Smee), and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (who resembles Captain Patch) who end up teaching him the meaning of Christmas. A parody of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.
35"Tootles the Bold"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell6 February 1991 (1991-02-06)TBA
Tootles wishes to be the hero of a great adventure, but is a little scared not to be qualified for that. Tink helps his courage with a 'talisman' and Tootles makes friends with a whale family.
36"The Hook and the Hat"Larry Carroll, David Carren7 February 1991 (1991-02-07)TBA
Peter takes the hat from Hook and suddenly thinks to be the Captain himself. Disappointed of the big defeat Hooks leaves the Jolly Roger and now the Pirates have to look after themselves. Mullins decides to become the new Captain and tries to take back the pirate's hat from Peter, but because of his landsickness he is too weak to fight outside the ship, so Peter beats him and soon has the control of the pirate crew and the Jolly Roger, where he moves with the Boys. Wendy knows this won't end good so she decides to find Hook, who she wants to return and bring everything back to normal.
37"Ages of Pan, Part One"Peter Lawrence, Matthew Malach8 February 1991 (1991-02-08)TBA

After Hook taunts Peter with the fact that the boy will never grow up, Peter decides to prove his nemesis wrong by wishing he would grow up. However, as Peter ages, his belief in magic slowly fades away, causing all of Neverland to fade away as well.

Note: Both parts of this episode were originally released commercially to home markets throughout North America as "Hook's Deadly Game".
38"Ages of Pan, Part Two"Peter Lawrence, Matthew Malach9 February 1991 (1991-02-09)TBA
As Neverland continues to fade away, Hook and the Pirates succeed in capturing Wendy and the Lost Boys, and the now elderly Peter. As the fantastic creature in Neverland, which is the closest to Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is now the only one who can help Peter renew his faith and trust in magic.
39"The Ruby"Lawrence Hartstein11 February 1991 (1991-02-11)TBA
The Purple and Blue Mermaids steal a map of Crooked Tail's and give it to the Pirates in order to lure Peter into the ocean. Both, Peter and the Pirates are set on finding the ruby and claiming it for themselves.
40"Friday the Thirteenth"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell12 February 1991 (1991-02-12)TBA
Peter and Curly play tricks on the Pirates, making them believe they have bad luck.
41"Immortal Pan"Sean Roche13 February 1991 (1991-02-13)TBA
Tired of Hook's obsession to destroy Peter Pan, the Pirates make a deal with Tinker Bell to trick Hook into thinking that Peter is immortal.
42"The Lost Memories of Pirate Pan"Sean Roche14 February 1991 (1991-02-14)TBA
After bringing a young girl named Jane (who is revealed to be Wendy's daughter from the future) into Neverland, Peter is suddenly stricken with amnesia and joins Hook's pirates as "Pirate Pan". Wendy, Jane, and the Lost Boys must head to the Cavern of the Fairy Forget-Me-Not to collect all of Peter's memories and save their friend.
43"Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook"Larry Carroll, David Carren15 February 1991 (1991-02-15)TBA
Hook gets hit at his head and suddenly thinks that he is the big scientist, David Livingstone. The next day he makes a journey with his pirate crew, to explore the place and find another tribe. Unfortunately they get too close to the place where Peter and his friends live. Now it's up to children to protect their home. They all must take part in the game to entice the pirates away not to let them discover the location of their underground house.
44"Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid"Matthew Malach, Jennifer Louden16 February 1991 (1991-02-16)TBA

While playing with two mermaids in the lagoon, Peter innocently claims that Wendy is the most beautiful being in Neverland. The two mermaids get jealous and later capture Wendy where they slowly turn her into a mermaid minus the ability to breathe underwater. When Peter goes underwater to rescue Wendy, he ends up getting the unlikely help of Crooked Tail.

Note: episode without Hook
45"The Great Race"Larry Carroll, David Carren18 February 1991 (1991-02-18)TBA
The Twins have build a new machine that shall be the fastest vehicle on the land. While testing it they have an accident and each one of them tells the other he'd have seen some unsolved mistakes. This conflict soon evolves into a big argument. In order for this to end, Peter and the others decide to plan a race, which will bring the two together again.
46"Curly's Laugh"Sean Roche19 February 1991 (1991-02-19)TBA
After Curly pours a bunch of water on Peter and his friends as a joke, Peter tells him that he's not funny. Curly then asks if Tinker Bell if she couldn't change this with her magic. Tinker Bell does so and warns him not to do use it while she's around. Every time he speaks, Curly's friends burst into laughter. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is trying to plan a play, but he can't find the right comedian who can make him laugh for it.
47"Mardi Gras"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell and Tony Zalewsk20 February 1991 (1991-02-20)TBA
Peter and the Lost Boys honor a cease-fire with the pirates after Hook rescues Michael from the Croc. They go together to Mardi Gras to have fun with each other, but the pirates have different plans in store ...
48"The Never Ark"Larry Carroll, David Carren21 February 1991 (1991-02-21)TBA
When Smoky Top begins to rumble menacingly, Peter and the Lost Boys go to see Great Big Little Panther for help. However, the shaman has gone on a retreat, so Hard-to-Hit attempts shaman magic to call forth a vision of what is to come from the sacred flames. He deciphers that Neverland is about to be destroyed. Peter sets about warning everyone in Neverland while the Lost Boys evacuate the Underground House. Wendy brings up the fact that not all the animals can fly away, so Peter decides that Hook's ship will have to suffice as an Ark to carry the animals to safety.
49"The Croc and the Clock"Bennett McClellan22 February 1991 (1991-02-22)TBA
The sun is rising and setting so fast that no one can keep track of what time it is. Tink and the Lost Boys figure out that the clock inside the Crocodile has stopped ticking and that fixing it will put time back to normal. But first they have to get the clock from the cranky Croc; that's not easy now that the animal is free to stalk its prey undetected. Captain Hook, the beast's favorite victim, learns this the hard way.
50"Three Wishes"Sean Roche23 February 1991 (1991-02-23)TBA
Peter eagerly awaits the passing of a shooting star so that he can be granted three wishes. But Hook hears about the star's magic and recites the rhyme to call its power at the same time as Peter. The two enemies decide to split their wishes, each getting one and a half, but the half wishes are granted first and don't turn out quite right. When the adventure takes a fatal turn for Hook, Peter uses his full wish to make sure the whole thing never happened.
51"A Hole in the Wall"Matthew Malach20 April 1991 (1991-04-20)TBA
Peter and the Darling children find a parallel universe in Neverland with an Egyptian theme. Will they escape or be enslaved like their Egyptian counterparts?
52"Hook the Faithful Son"Peter Lawrence, Charles Kaufman25 April 1991 (1991-04-25)TBA
Peter tricks Hook into thinking his mother wanted him to be a pilot, instead of a pirate.
53"Wendy and the Croc"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell26 April 1991 (1991-04-26)TBA
Wendy wants to know how it is like to be a fairy. Tink decides to give her the possibility, when suddenly, during the transformation the Croc interferes.
54"Elementary, My Dear Pan"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell, and Jim Carlson27 April 1991 (1991-04-27)TBA
While Wendy is reading The Hound of the Baskervilles to Peter and the others, Peter finds out his pan flute has gone missing. It's then up to "Sherlock Pan" and "Dr John Watson" to solve the case.
55"Frau Brumhandel"Matthew Malach29 April 1991 (1991-04-29)TBA
Michael awakens Frau Brumhandel, a vast, Valkryie-like operatic nymph who has the ability to enslave others with her music. Frau Brumhandel joins the pirates and falls in love with Captain Hook, on whom the magic singing has no influence.
56"Play Ball"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell, and Ken Vose30 April 1991 (1991-04-30)TBA
Captain Hook comes across Peter and the Lost Boys playing baseball and overhears them talking about stealing 'bases'. Believing they are talking about 'bases' in alchemy, he demands to play against them. The game begins once Great Big Little Panther, the only person that both sides consider fair and trustworthy, agrees to serve as the umpire. The pirates perform their usual acts of trickery and cheating in order to win the game. In the end, Hook succeeds in stealing all the bases but is highly disappointed when he tears them apart and learns they are worthless.
57"Jules Verne Night"Peter Lawrence, Matthew Malach1 May 1991 (1991-05-01)TBA
Peter and the Lost Boys wish to explore the depths of the sea while Hook tries to fly to the moon.
58"The Pirate Who Came to Dinner"Larry Carroll, David Carren6 May 1991 (1991-05-06)TBA
Hook injures himself while trying to capture Peter Pan and Wendy insists they take care of him until he's well again. When Hook learns from the gnome doctor that he has been misdiagnosed and is well after all, he pretends to be still injured in order to trap Pan.
59"The Neverscroll"Larry Carroll, David Carren7 May 1991 (1991-05-07)TBA
Peter and the Lost Boys discover the Neverscroll, a magical map which holds the fate of Neverland in its parchment. Hook steals the Neverscroll and decides to erase Neverland from the map, which will destroy Peter if left unchecked.
60"Peter in Wonderland"George Hampton, Mike Moore8 May 1991 (1991-05-08)TBA
After John writes his own adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, Peter and Wendy, with a little help from Tinker Bell's magic, are thrown into the book's pages to live the adventure within, with everyone else in Neverland, including Hook and the pirates, as the other characters.
61"A Day at the Fair"Matthew Malach13 May 1991 (1991-05-13)TBA

Michael goes to a place where everybody in Neverland comes to have fun. When the pirates join in, he decides with Tink to pull some pranks.

Note: episode without Peter
62"Count de Chauvin"William Overgard, Peter Lawrence14 May 1991 (1991-05-14)TBA
A mysterious swordsman appears and challenges Peter to a duel...and wins!
63"Seven League Boots"Sam Graham, Chris Hubbell27 May 1991 (1991-05-27)TBA
The pirates steal a pair of magical boots that will grant the wearer's wish.
64"Invisible Tootles"Lee Schneider9 September 1991 (1991-09-09)TBA
At the underground house nobody listens or even notices Tootles, so he start's talking about himself being invisible, which results in it actually coming true.
65"The Letter"Larry Parr10 September 1991 (1991-09-10)TBA
Starkey thinks his mother is going to visit him on the Jolly Roger.



The series originally aired on Fox from September 8, 1990 to September 10, 1991. Repeats continued to air until September 11, 1992. A repeat of the series' Christmas episode was aired on December 25, 1993. The series was then on Fox in re-run form on weekday mornings from November 4, 1996 to March 28, 1997. Reruns were then shown on Fox Family in 1998.

VHS and DVD releases[edit]


Select episodes from the series were released on video in 1992. They have long been out of print. Titles of these included:

United States[edit]

Release name
Release date
Language Subtitles Notes
Peter Pan & the Pirates - Ghost Ship 2 July 1992 G Fox Video NTSC English None 23 minutes [1]
Peter Pan & the Pirates - Demise of Hook 2 July 1992 G Fox Video NTSC English None 23 minutes [2]
Peter Pan & the Pirates - Hook's Deadly Game, Part 1 2 July 1992 G Fox Video NTSC English None 23 minutes [3]
Peter Pan & the Pirates - Hook's Deadly Game, Part 2 2 July 1992 G Fox Video NTSC English None 23 minutes [4]

United Kingdom[edit]

Release name
Release date
Language Subtitles Episodes
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Vol 1) 10 August 1992 U Fox Video PAL English None Episodes 18, 42 & 13 [5]
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Vol 2) 10 August 1992 U Fox Video PAL English None Episodes 5, 50 & 63 [6]
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Vol 3) 5 April 1993 U Fox Video PAL English None Episodes 17, 8 & 53 [7]
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Vol 4) 5 April 1993 U Fox Video PAL English None Episodes 22 36 & 54 [8]
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Volume 1) 23 August 2004 U Maximum Entertainment PAL English None Episodes 1, 3, 8, 17 & 33 66 minutes [9]


Select episodes were released on a single DVD for the UK market in 2004. This is now also out of print. Episodes released included:

  • Coldest Cut Of All
  • River Of Night
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Wee Problem
  • The Girl Who Lives In The Moon
DVD Title # of Disc(s) Year Series Episodes DVD release
Region 1

In France, a box set of the entire first half of the series was released up to Ages of Pan part two.

Region 2 Region 4
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Volume 1) 1 1990 1 1, 3, 8, 17 & 33 N/A 30 August 2004[10][11] N/A
Peter Pan and the Pirates 3 1990 1 Unknown N/A N/A N/A
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Volume 2) 1 1990 1 4, 18, 53 and some other N/A N/A N/A

Video game[edit]

A video game titled Peter Pan and the Pirates was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by third party publisher THQ. The game was generally received poorly by critics.

In this single player side-scrolling action game, the player controlled Peter Pan, who could collect bags of fairy dust to fly and wielded a sword that boasted a short range. The player started out in the forest and was required to destroy all the pirates in each level to advance to the next, with the final goal of reaching the pirate ship and battling Captain Hook.


In addition to the TV Series a German imprint Bastei-Verlag, inter alia with the Turkish comic book artist Yalaz, released seven comics. They are originally German and tell new stories of the Fox Peter Pan and his closest friends.


The main titles of the comics and their stories, all with English translation:

1. Rettung für das EinhornPeter saves the Unicorn

  • Ein Piratenschiff geht fliegenA Pirates' Ship takes Flight (note: a remake from the episode "The Rake")
  • Sturm über dem NiemalslandStormy Neverland
  • Tinkerbell sitzt in der FalleTink is trapped

2. Das tickende KrokodilThe tickling Croc

  • Wer andern eine Grube gräbt ... Who digs a pit for others ...
  • Die Jagd nach dem goldenen SteinHunting the golden Stone
  • Captain Hook geht badenCaptain Hook goes swimming

3. Captain Hook und der ZauberringCaptain Hook and the Magic Ring

  • Captain Hook und der ZauberringCaptain Hook and the Magic Ring
  • Angeltour mit HindernissenGo fishing with obstacles
  • Reise in die VergangenheitJourney to the Past
  • Die verzauberte StatueThe enchanted Statue

4. Die Hexe mit dem grünen DaumenThe Witch with the green Thumb

  • Die Hexe mit dem grünen DaumenThe Witch with the green Thumb
  • Alles wegen IngwerbeerenAll 'coz of the Ginger Berries
  • Verrat im NilpferdteichBetrayal at Hippopo-Pond
  • Tootles auf AbwegenTootles goes astray
  • Der falsche PeterThe wrong Peter

5. Die Hexe lässt das Blitzen nichtThe Witch who did not stop Lightning

  • Die Hexe lässt das Blitzen nichtThe Witch who did not stop Lightning
  • Der HeiratsschwindlerThe Wedding Swindler
  • Captain Hook hat SchweinHook and his Guinea Pigs
  • Ein Pirat und ein GentlemanThe Pirate and the Gentleman
  • Zaubern will gelernt seinDoing Magic is to be learned

6. Ein Ehrengast zieht LeineA Special Guest goes away

  • Ein Ehrengast zieht LeineA Special Guest goes away
  • Ein Monstervogel muckt aufRebel of a Monster Bird
  • Der PiratenausverkaufPirates' Sale
  • Captain Hook geht in die FalleHook gets trapped
  • Eis und heiß im NiemalslandHot'n Cold in Neverland

7. Viel Radau beim MädchenklauMaking this much Noise, the Girl has no Choice

  • Viel Radau beim MädchenklauMaking this much Noise, the Girl has no Choice (note: story without Hook)
  • Ein Möhrchen zum anbeißenTo get a Nibble from the Carrot
  • Der Stein der vom Himmel fielThe Stone from Sky (note: story without Hook)
  • Rettung für die StreithähneRescue of the Squabblers
  • Freitag der dreizehnteFriday the Thirteenth (note: Not to be mistaken with the episode from the series)

Differences from the TV series[edit]

  • It is emphasized that Peter Pan cannot read, however in the episode "Curly's Laugh", it is shown that the Lost Boys, except Slightly, can. In the comic series, Peter is not alone with this disability, but also all the six Lost Boys cannot read as well.
  • For the Indians, only three have their appearances and roles in the series. The whole tribe is never introduced. But in the comics, they are more developed. Also when asking them for help, Tiger Lily has the biggest role and regularly accompanies Peter and the others, while Hard-to-Hit appears very rarely and does not get any role, except in one story. There he also gets presented as being Lily's cousin. But in the TV series, he is her brother (which can be deduced in the episode "Count de Chauvin", where Panther says both of them are his children, so it is obvious Tigerlily and Hard-to-Hit have the same father).
  • In the comics, only Peter is able to fly all the time, but his friends cannot always do this, as they are regularly seen walking and performing other activities, like being on the sea in a boat, which they would not do if they flew. Sometimes it seems that they first obtained Tink's powder and at other times they seem to be really independent when flying, but not always.
  • From the characters, the Twins are synchronized. And when talking, they do it together, so one starts the sentence and the other finishes it or they speak in breaks, where one stops talking, but the other one goes on with it. In the comics, they generally speak on their own. They are also known, as well as Billy Jukes, to be the mechanics and inventors in the series. But in the comics, none of them does this.
  • The animals are not able to speak normally and also aren't high developed as the humans, but just act naturally as animals do and are able to understand. In the comics, they also don't speak the human language. Yet they often get widely developed thoughts, especially the Croc, and are shown to be more intelligent, not as animals usually are in reality.
  • In the TV series, there aren't many characters, especially not human beings, who have the ability of abstract thinking. In the comics, Neverland is more developed and also has not only more humans, but also cities and realms, where a lot people live.
  • Of all the Lost Boys, the Twins get the biggest physical appearance in the TV series. But in the comics, it is Slightly who is seen in most of the stories and takes the most part at the action.
  • In the series, Cookson is very fat and could always eat while Mason's biggest advantage is his muscular body type and his physical strength. But in the comics, Mason is fat and immovable, and gets criticized by Captain Hook for eating too much and being physically very lazy.
  • From Peter's friends, little Michael never has a teddy bear with him or any other cuddly toy (as it is in "Disney Peter Pan", "Peter Pan (2003)", "Peter Pan Live!", or some episodes of "The New Adventures of Peter Pan"). But in some comic stories, he does.
  • It never came to any real love relationship between Peter and Wendy, just maybe a little in episode "The Play's the Thing" where it's a pity for Wendy (maybe a little for Peter, too) that while she's playing the main female character in Hamlet's tragedy, Juliet, Peter cannot be her Romeo. And in "Count the Chauvin" where Peter is praising Wendy for her courage and then kissing her hand, or better the glove she's wearing. But in the comics there is one story where Peter purposefully is taking Wendy to a place he wants to be romantic for the two of them. And in another Peter is catching Wendy, while she's falling down and after holding her in his arms, the two of them want to forget their current problem with Hook and to concentrate only on each other.

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