Agios Minas (island)

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Agios Minas
Native name:
Άγιος Μηνάς
Insel Agios Minas (Fourni).jpg
Agios Minas from Fournoi
Agios Minas is located in Greece
Agios Minas
Agios Minas
Coordinates37°35′53″N 26°33′14″E / 37.598°N 26.554°E / 37.598; 26.554Coordinates: 37°35′53″N 26°33′14″E / 37.598°N 26.554°E / 37.598; 26.554
ArchipelagoNorth Aegean
Area2.5 km2 (0.97 sq mi)
RegionNorth Aegean
Regional unitIkaria
Population3 (2011)

Agios Minas (Greek: Άγιος Μηνάς) is a Greek island in Fournoi Korseon cluster. It is located east of Fournoi. Agios Minas is the third largest island of the cluster with an area of 2.5 km2.[1] On the island, only few shepherds live occasionally. The population of the island is 3 inhabitants according to 2011 census.[2][3] Administratively, Agios Minas belongs to Ikaria (regional unit) and Fournoi Korseon municipality.


Agios Minas along with the whole cluster belongs to the network Natura 2000. Important plant species on the island are thyme and common sage. Also, there are important birds such as Eleonora's falcon and European shag.[1]

Historical population[edit]

Census Settlement
1991 0
2001 3
2011 3


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