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The Boricha are a gotra of the Ahir caste found in the state of Gujarat in India.[1]


The Boricha get their name from the Boricha region of Kutch, which was their original homeland, from where they emigrated to Jamnagar District due to a drought.[2] According to other traditions, the word Boricha means those who are of value.[2] The community are now found in the Jhodia taluka of Jamnagar District, Kutch District, Morvi in Rajkot District and Junagadh District. They are one of the four sub-groups of the Ahir community found in Gujarat. The community still speak the Kutchi language.[1]

The Boricha are Hindu, and worship Hindu gods and goddesses such as Ram, Shankar, Ganesh, Krishna and Lakhshmi.[1]


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