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Ain Akrine, Ain Aakrine, (Arabic: عين عكرين‎‎) is a Maronite village in Koura District of Lebanon.[1] It was established in the early 19th century.


Before the 19th century, the land on which Ain Akrine stands today, was owned by AL HAJJ Youssef from Bnehrane. Following a dispute between two brothers, the family of EL KHOURY Ibrahim migrated from Kfarshakhna and settled in Ain Akrine. During the Ottoman occupation, a group of Christians lived in this town to escape oppression. The village is also known as Nawous Town.[2]


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Coordinates: 34°17′08″N 35°50′48″E / 34.2856°N 35.8467°E / 34.2856; 35.8467