Air Class Líneas Aéreas

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Air Class Líneas Aéreas
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1996
Commenced operations 1997
Hubs Carrasco International Airport
Fleet size 5
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay

Air Class Líneas Aéreas is an airline based in Montevideo, Uruguay. It operates scheduled passenger and freight services, as well as charter flights. Its main base is Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo.[1]


The airline, established in 1996, started operations in 1997 and is owned by Daniel Gonzalez and Daniel Hernandez.

The airline began operating in 1997 as an air taxi service, and started scheduled flights between Montevideo and Buenos Aires in 2000. Further destinations were added later. It has 25 employees (at March 2007).[1]

On April 2, 2012, the airline gained permission from the Uruguayan Ministry of Defense to start a commercial flight to the Falkland Islands.[2]


At March 2007 Air Class Líneas Aéreas operates passenger and freight services between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, as well as charter flights to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.[1] The company has a contract with DHL and some of their aircraft carry the DHL logo on the side. In April 2012, Air Class Líneas Aéreas gained permission to start scheduled services to Falkland Islands.


In June 2011 Air Class acquired its largest aircraft, a Boeing 727 manufacturer serial No. 21958. This all cargo aircraft was previously with DHL and is now based at Montevideo and is painted in Air Class colours. Though it had been put up for sale during 2015 it remains in operation. A further 727 was acquired in July 2015.

As of December 2011 the Air Class Líneas Aéreas fleet includes:

Accidents and Incidents[edit]

On June, 6th 2012 the Fairchild SA227AC Metro III CX-LAS performing a freight flight on behalf of DHL from Montevideo to Buenos Aires disappeared south of the Isla de Flores.[3] Parts of the aircraft were located by a scuba diver approximately 1 nautical mile (1.9 km) south of Isla de Flores on 20 July 2012, with the discovery confirmed by the Uruguyan Navy.[3] So far, parts of the nose gear have been located, with priority now given to locating the remains of the two crew members. On 2 August 2012, the Uruguyan Navy reported that the cockpit voice recorder has been recovered from the aircraft, along with the remains of an engine, the tailcone, and some other portions of the aircraft.[3]


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