Al-Balad (newspaper)

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Al Balad
Front page of Al-Balad on 4 March 2006
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Al Waseet International
Publisher Al Wataniya
Founded 15 December 2003; 13 years ago (2003-12-15)
Political alignment Liberal
Language Arabic, French
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon

Al-Balad (Arabic: البلد‎‎) meaning The country, officially Sada Al-Balad (Arabic: صدى البلد‎‎) meaning The echo of the country) is an Arabic-language daily newspaper in Lebanon. Its headquarters is in Beirut.[1] It is a tabloid commercial paper.[2]


Al Balad was first published on 15 December 2003[3][4] and the owner is Al Waseet International.[5] The publisher of the daily is Al Wataniya publishing house.[1][4] The first editor-in-chief is Béchara Charbel.[6] The paper had a liberal stance.[6]

In 2010, Al Balad also began publishing a French language edition.[5] In addition to conventional sections, the paper has a lifestyle section and expanded sports and world affairs sections.[4]


In 2006, a study carried out by Ara'a Company with 2500 participants concluded that Al Balad was read by 18.3% of Lebanese over 15 years of age, being the first in this regard.[7] In the same study it was also found that the paper was the second most popular paper in Lebanon after An Nahar.[7] The Ipsos study in 2006 revealed that Al-Balad had the largest rate of subscribers with 23.8% whereas An Nahar had only 2.6%.[7] The paper was also found to have highest circulation in Lebanon in 2006.[7] A 2009 survey by Ipsos Stat also established that the daily was among the five most popular newspapers in Beirut.[2]

The paper's online version was the 42nd most visited website for 2010 in the MENA region.[8]


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