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OriginUnited States Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
GenresCrust punk, taqwacore, doom metal, sludge metal
Years active2006 - Present
WebsiteAl-Thawra on Myspace
MembersMarwan Kamel
Micah Bezold
Mario Salazar
Past membersSahar Salameh

Al-Thawra (Arabic: الثورة‎, means "The Revolution") is an experimental metal punk band with rhythms and modes that draw heavily on Middle Eastern influences. Band member Marwan Kemal describes a "third identity" between the "false dichotomy of East and West", pointing out that "in the Middle East, I'm still always 'the American kid'". Kemal grew up in Chicago — the band's bassist Mario Salazar is Mexican, and Sahar Salameh joined the band as a vocalist when she was 16 years old. Kamel's father is Syrian, but his mother was raised Catholic — he says he is "more influenced by the mystical paths in Islam. Like Sufism."[1] The Islamic Monthly describes the band as challenging "mainstream Arab and Muslim 'Americaness'"[2] Their musical genre has various been described as taqwacore[3] and raïcore. (Raïcore is a genre that blends traditional Algerian folk music with punk rock.)[4]

The bands name Al Thawra means "revolution" in Arabic.[1]


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