Central Governorate, Bahrain

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Central Governorate
المحافظة الوسطى
Flag of Central Governorate
Map of Bahrain showing Central Governorate
Map of Bahrain showing Central Governorate
Country Bahrain
 • Governor Mubarak Bin Ahmed Al Fadel
Time zone Arabia Standard Time (UTC+3)
Emblem of Bahrain.svg
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The Central Governorate (Arabic: المحافظة الوسطى Al-Muḥāfaẓat al-Wusṭā‎‎) was one of the five governorates of Bahrain until September 2014. It included parts of the former municipalities of Al Mintaqah al Wusta, Ar Rifa' wa al Mintaqah al Janubiyah, Madinat 'Isa, Sitrah and A'ali. [1]

Twin towns and sister cities[edit]


Coordinates: 26°11′N 50°31′E / 26.183°N 50.517°E / 26.183; 50.517