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Alan E. Salzman is a venture capitalist and former international lawyer.[1] He is the co-founder, CEO and Managing Partner of VantagePoint Capital Partners, a venture capital firm in the U.S. and a leading investor in early stage Cleantech companies.[2]


Alan Salzman began investing in venture capital in the late 1980s when he helped form and then joined Canaan Partners in charge of their California office.

In 1996, Salzman and partner, Jim Marver, co-founded VantagePoint Capital Partners a venture capital firm based in San Bruno, California.[3] At VantagePoint, Salzman manages nearly $4.5 billion of committed capital, including more than $1 billion committed to Energy Innovation (Cleantech).[4] Over the course of his career, Salzman has been involved with funding more than 300 startup companies [5] and the New Green Economy[6] including Tesla Motors, BrightSource Energy, Goldwind and Liquid Robotics.[7]

Salzman is a frequent contributor and speaker on Cleantech, innovation, and global competitiveness in the technology sector.[8][9] He has served as Finance Chair of the World Business Summit on Climate Change,[10] a member of the BP Alternative Energy Advisory Board and held a faculty appointment for more than a decade as Adjunct Professor for Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Companies at Stanford University. He currently serves as a member of the International Leadership Council of The Climate Group,[11] is a member of the World Economic Forum having served on its Technology Pioneer Selection Committee[12] and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.[13]

Salzman is a graduate of the London School of Economics (GC), the University of Toronto (BA), Stanford Law School (JD), and the University of Brussels, Belgium (LLM).


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