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Ali Akbar Natiq (born June 15, 1973 ) is a Urdu poet and short story writer from Pakistan. He began working as a mason, specializing in domes and minarets, to contribute to the family income while he read widely in Urdu and Arabic. Acclaimed as one of the brightest stars in Pakistan’s literary firmament, Natiq has published two volumes of poetry and one collection of short stories. His latest has been featured in Granta magazine's special issue on Pakistan.[1][2]

Ali Akbar Natiq was born at village 32-2L, in Okara District, Pakistan.[3] In 2012, Oxford University Press, Pakistan, published his first book of short stories Qaeem Deen.[4]

Ali Akbar Natiq holds a post graduate degree from Bhaudin Zakriya University, Multan, Pakistan. His first collection of poetry “Bewaqeen Bastion Main “appeared in 2010 followed by a book of short stories “Qaim Deen” published by Oxford Press in 2012. All two books has received UBL and oxford Awards. Penguin India published the English version of the aforementioned collection of the short stories in 2014 titled “what will you give for this beauty?” In 2013 he published another book of poems “Yaqqot kay Warq" which was translated in to German . International Literary magazine Garanta also published his story “Masons Hand” in 2012. His novel was published in 2017 as “Naulakhi Kothi” which is being translated in English and is expected to be published by Penguin India and America. Some of his short stories were staged in Mumbai at Prithvi Theater. Second book of short stories named Shah Muhammed ka Tanga,, has been published in 2017 in Urdu from Lahore. And this book already has been translated in to Hindi and English in same name from Delhi in 2016 by Jagarnath Publishing, India . These days Ali Akbar Natiq is working on publishing two more books one on poetry and other short stories. Like his previous poetry works both of his upcoming poetry collections are being translated in Hindi, German and English by Jagarnath Publishing, India. Beside poetry and fiction Ali Akbar Natiq is also wiring a critical account on poetry of famous poet Alama Muhammad Iqbal and a book aiming at discussing the critical aspects of the art of versification. His second novel is also in the process of finalising and will be published end of 2018.

He is Assistant Professor at University of Lahore, Department School of Creative Art. His novel Qaim Deen is being adapted for a film by Gurvinder Singh in France


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