Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari

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Ali M. Samsam Bakhtiari
Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari.jpg
Native name علی مرتضی صمصام بختیاری
Born 1945
Died October 30, 2007
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Engineer, Educator, Author

Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari (1945-2007) was a senior expert employed by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). He held a number of senior positions with this organization beginning in 1971. He was also an adviser to the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre.

He held a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He had been a part-time lecturer for the Technical Faculty at Tehran University for many years. Bakhtiari wrote a number of short essays and is the author of Peaks and Troughs which is about the modern history of Iran.

Dr. Bakhtiari suggested that it would require an act of god for the world to avoid warring over depleting energy resources. He also believed that a peak in natural gas would be more shocking than peak oil because natural gas is less fluid and requires pipelines and LNG facilities to export overseas.

Bakhtiari was featured in the film The End of Suburbia.

Dr. Bakhtiari died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack. His funeral and burial were in Tehran, Iran. He is survived by his children, Amir Bahman and Golbenaz Samsam Bakhtiari.


"The big risk in Saudi Arabia is that Ghawar's rate of decline increases to an alarming point. That will set bells ringing all over the oil world because Ghawar underpins Saudi output and Saudi undergirds worldwide production." - Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari

"As for Iran, the usually accepted official 132 billion barrels (2.10×1010 m3) is almost 100 billion barrels (1.6×1010 m3) over any realistic assay."

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