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For the song by Bobby Darin, see Splish Splash (song).
Splish Splash Waterpark
Splish Splash Main Entrance
Slogan Get Set to Get Wet!
Location Calverton, New York, United States
Coordinates 40°55′15″N 72°43′42″W / 40.92074°N 72.72824°W / 40.92074; -72.72824Coordinates: 40°55′15″N 72°43′42″W / 40.92074°N 72.72824°W / 40.92074; -72.72824
Owner Palace Entertainment
General Manager Mike Bengston
Opened 1991
Closed Labor Day
Operating season Memorial DayLabor Day
Area 96 acres (390,000 m2)
Pools 3 pools
Water slides 20 water slides
Website splishsplashlongisland.com

Splish Splash is a 96-acre (390,000 m2) water park in Calverton, New York.[1] It features 30 rides and runs from May through September. Travel Channel ranked Splish Splash the third best water park in the United States.[2]


Splish Splash was built in 1989, headed by Chip Cleary with the original owners being the same as Adventureland.[1] It opened in May 1991 with three body slides, two speed slides, two kiddie pools, two tube slides, a lazy river, and a restaurant.[citation needed] In 1995, the Lazy River opened. The park has been owned and operated by Palace Entertainment since 2001.[1] Today the lazy river is 1,300 feet (400 m) long and is accompanied by 19 water slides and a wave pool. It spans over 90 acres (360,000 m2).[3] In 2006, Splish Splash added a new funnel-shaped ride called Alien Invasion. In July 2008, they announced that they would be adding 7 rides over the next few years, including Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror for 2009, Kahuna Bay for 2011, Bootlegger's Run for 2013, and The Battle of Mutiny Bay for 2014.[4]

List of water rides[edit]

Lazy River
Kahuna Bay Wave Pool
  1. Dinosaur Falls – a ProSlide pipeline with 3 slides (re-named in 2012 from Splash Landing) (Single or Double Inner Tube) (1 or 2 Riders)
  2. Max Trax – 2 plummet slides. One 50' straight down and one with two humps (Body Slide)
  3. Lazy River – a relaxing tube ride with fountains and wave area
  4. Hollywood Stunt Rider – a dark mammoth family ride with a Hollywood theme (Family Raft) (2 - 4 Riders Required)
  5. The Abyss – 2 enclosed tube slides (Single or Double Inner Tube) (1 or 2 Riders)
  6. Alien Invasion – a ProSlide tornado with an alien abduction theme (Clover Leaf Raft) (2 - 3 Riders Required)
  7. Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror – a ProSlide tantrum with high-speed 360 degree spins, and a 40 ft (12 m) drop (Round Double Tube) (2 Riders Required)
  8. Kahuna Bay – a classic wave pool
  9. Cliff Diver – a plummet body slide dropping riders 8 stories in 3 seconds
  10. Dragon's Den – a ProSlide cannon bowl with a dragon in the middle of the bowl (Double Tube) (2 Riders Required)
  11. Mammoth River – an open mammoth family raft ride (Family Raft) (3 - 5 Riders Required)
  12. Barrier Reef – 2 enclosed high speed body slides
  13. Giant Twister – 3 open body slides
  14. Shotgun Falls – a free-fall drop slide into a 10 ft (3.0 m) deep pool (Body Slide)
  15. Surf City – a classic wave pool
  16. Soak City – a mini pool located next to The Abyss exit pool and Lazy River with sprays of water in it
  17. Bootlegger's Run – a water roller coaster featuring new generation hydromagnetic technology (New York's First Water Coaster) (Toboggan Inline Raft) (2 - 4 Riders Required)
  18. The Battle of Mutiny Bay – Seated in brightly colored boats, riders use water-spray “cannons” to blast other boats as well as spectators roaming the perimeter. (A Boat) (1 to 4 riders, Fewer riders may be grouped together to fill the boat)

Rides for Kids 2-12[edit]

  1. The Elephant – an elephant slide with a falling spray of water

As of July 22, 2015, the elephant has been replaced by a Yellow Submarine.[5]

  1. Kiddie Slides – 3 open body slides
  2. Monsoon Lagoon – a shipwreck pool with slides and water cannons
  3. The Octopus – a large octopus in the middle of a pool with swings on the tentacles
  4. Pirates Cove – a pirate ship pool with a slide, cannons and climbing ropes

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