Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music

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Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music
Alkaline Trio-Hot Water Music cover.jpg
EP by Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music
Released January 22, 2002
Genre Punk rock
Length 23:46
Label Jade Tree
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Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music is a split EP by the Chicago-based punk rock band Alkaline Trio and the Gainesville, Florida-based punk rock band Hot Water Music, released January 22, 2002 through Jade Tree. In addition to new material, the EP features each band performing cover versions of songs from the other band's catalog, with Alkaline Trio covering Hot Water Music's "Rooftops" (from No Division) and Hot Water Music covering Alkaline Trio's "Radio" (from Maybe I'll Catch Fire) and "Bleeder" (from I Lied My Face Off). It was Alkaline Trio's first release with drummer Derek Grant, who replaced previous drummer Mike Felumlee in 2001.

Both bands later re-released their songs from the EP on compilation albums, with Alkaline Trio's tracks appearing on Remains in 2007 and Hot Water Music's tracks appearing on Till the Wheels Fall Off in 2008.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
PopMatters positive[2]

Critical reception to the EP was positive, with Kevin Hoskins of Allmusic praising "Queen of Pain" and "'God Deciding'" as representative of each band's best material to date, specifically praising George Rebelo's drumming.[1] Jason Thompson of PopMatters praised Alkaline Trio's tracks over Hot Water Music's, preferring Matt Skiba's singing voice to Chuck Ragan's and remarking of the latter that "All too often the vocals are of that saliva-drenched, back-of-the-throat variety which takes out a lot of the punch of this group, whose musical abilities are as tight as the Alkaline Trio's."[2]

Track listing[edit]

Alkaline Trio
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Queen of Pain" Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano, Derek Grant 3:57
2. "While You're Waiting" Skiba, Andriano, Grant 4:07
3. "Rooftops" (originally performed by Hot Water Music) Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard, Jason Black, George Rebelo 2:15
Hot Water Music
No. Title Writer(s) Length
4. "'God Deciding'" Ragan, Wollard, Black, Rebelo 2:37
5. "Russian Roulette" Ragan, Wollard, Black, Rebelo 3:25
6. "Radio" (originally performed by Alkaline Trio) Skiba, Andriano, Glenn Porter 2:15
7. "Bleeder" (originally performed by Alkaline Trio) Skiba, Andriano, Porter 3:13
Total length: 23:46


Alkaline Trio[edit]

Hot Water Music[edit]


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