All India Gig Workers Union

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FoundedAugust 2020[1]
AffiliationsCentre of Indian Trade Unions

The All India Gig Workers Union (AIGWU) is a trade union federation of gig economy workers, predominantly in food delivery, in India. The federation is affiliated with the Centre of Indian Trade Unions.[2]


AIGWU was founded in August 2020 during protests of Swiggy workers against a pay reduction.[1] During these protests, AIGWU moved from organic outbursts to a strategically thinking organisation.[2]

In December 2020, AIGWU and other Indian trade unions, including the Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers, called on the Ministry of Labour to not exempt gig companies from contributions to state social security.[3]

In October 2021, AIGWU reacted positively to a push by the Indian government to reclassify gig work as employment.[4]


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