All India Professionals Congress

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All India Professionals Congress
ChairpersonShashi Tharoor, MP
Vice-chairpersonMilind Deora
HeadquartersNew Delhi

All India Professionals Congress is the professional wing of Indian National Congress [1][2][3].


All India Professionals Congress is a platform for people to contribute to the advancement of progressive politics in India. Anyone with a PAN no. and IT return can register. as a wing of the Congress party aims at forming a political group of all the tax payers who are interested in politics and want to contribute their bit for the welfare of the country.

the aim of congress is to form a tax payer political group. "Majority of our taxpayers feel the need to know where exactly their money goes, but there is a dearth of avenues through which they can collect this information. The Congress party felt that this needed to change. Many keep saying that the Congress is running out of ideas, but here is an idea which will give birth to many new ideas" - Shashi Tharoor said.[4],[4]

Work of the AIPC[edit]

The work of the AIPC can be categorized in 4 ways

Community Building It is building a community of diverse professionals and entrepreneurs, united by their common interest in progressive and inclusive politics. AIPC Fellows are passionate about helping fellow Indians lead a life of dignity and independence. They believe that the biggest enabler of this change is through the transformation of political processes to make them more inclusive, progressive and transparent.

Knowledge Sharing By channelizing the expertise of its community of Fellows to resolve complex political and governance challenges facing our country, the AIPC provides a platform for professionals to take charge and be the harbingers of change. AIPC also provides Fellows with insights into the functioning of political processes and connect them with some of the top political and intellectual leaders in the country.

Collaboration The AIPC creates avenues for its Fellows to engage with each other and with leaders of the Congress party. This engagement may be for a specific program or campaign that the party is promoting or it could be a more sustained process of knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas.

Activism AIPC provides Fellows with a platform to carry out political activism ranging from economic development to environmental protection to issues such as Net Neutrality or religious intolerance.

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Policies of AIPC[edit]

AIPC focuses on Political, Social and Community policies such as the economy, jobs, women empowerment, taxation, urban, infrastructure, environment, healthcare services, education, and waste management.


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1. Mr Mathew Kuzhalnadan appointed as president of AIPC

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