Alpine, Washington

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There have been two villages named Alpine in Washington State. The earliest was located on the shores of Lake Cavanaugh in Skagit County from 1894-1898.

Alpine, Washington, was a town in the Cascade Mountains, near Skykomish, Washington. Founded in the late 19th century and originally named Nippon, Washington, it was first built to house Japanese railway workers.[1] Another nearby railway town, Corea, housed Korean workers. About eight miles west of Stevens Pass, Alpine had only rail access, and was a mile from the nearest road.[2]

The local lumber baron changed the town's name from Nippon to Alpine in 1903. Its population peaked at 200–300 people; after the nearby woods were logged out, it was evacuated and intentionally burned, around 1929. All that remains are two foundation stones.[2]

Author Mary Daheim, whose family, the Dawsons, lived in Alpine approximately 1916–1922 (before she was born) sets her "Emma Lord" mystery novels in a fictional, surviving town of Alpine.[2]


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