Ambrose Kingsland

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Ambrose Kingsland
Ambrose C. Kingsland.jpg
1887 portrait by Daniel Huntington based on an earlier original.
71st Mayor of New York City
In office
Preceded by Caleb Smith Woodhull
Succeeded by Jacob Aaron Westervelt
Personal details
Born May 24, 1804
New York City, New York
Died October 13, 1878(1878-10-13) (aged 74)
New York City, New York
Political party Whig
Spouse(s) Mary Lovett
Children 8
Parents Cornelius Kingsland
Abigail Cock Kingsland

Ambrose Cornelius Kingsland (May 24, 1804 – October 13, 1878)[1] was a wealthy sperm oil merchant who served as the 71st mayor of New York City from 1851 to 1853. In 1851, he initiated the legislation that eventually led to the building of Central Park.[2]

Early life[edit]

Kingsland was born on May 24, 1804 in New York City. He was the son of Cornelius Kingsland (1768–1815) and Abigail (née Cock) Kingsland (1771–1854).[3] His siblings included Daniel Cock Kingsland (b. 1798), Rebecca Kingsland Sutton (b. 1800), Jane Kingsland Rogers (b. 1802), Clara Ada Kingsland High (b. 1806).

He was a member of the old New Jersey Kingsland family who had for nearly 200 years lived in and around Belleville, New Jersey.[4] His maternal grandparents were Isaac Cock (1741–1811) and Charity (née Haight) Cock. His paternal grandparents were Stephen Kingsland and Jane (nee Corson) Kingsland.[5] He was the uncle of William M. Kingsland, who owned 1026 Fifth Avenue.[6][7]


Kingsland began his career as a general merchant and commission business in 1820, which became A. C. Kingsland and Sons,[8] located at No. 55 Broadway in lower Manhattan. His firm was involved in the sale of sperm oil.[9]

In 1848, he was nominated for Mayor of New York and, two years later, was elected Mayor by almost 4,000 votes over Fernando Wood, the Democratic candidate.[4][10] He served as the 71st mayor of New York City from 1851 to 1853, the first mayor to be elected to a two-year term.[4] In 1851, he initiated the legislation that eventually led to the building of Central Park.[11][12]

Personal life[edit]

Kingsland was married to Mary Lovett (1814–1868), whose father, George Lovett, was born in England.[13] Together, they were the parents of eight children:[14]

  • George Lovett Kingsland (1834–1892),[14] who married Helen Schermerhorn Welles (1842–1911),[15] a daughter of Benjamin Welles and aunt to Sumner Welles, the Ambassador to Cuba and United States Under Secretary of State.[16]
  • Ambrose Cornelius Kingsland (1835–1890),[17] who married Katharine Aspinwall (1847–1924),[18] the daughter of prominent merchant William Henry Aspinwall.[18][19]
  • Henry Pierre Kingsland (b. 1838), who married Harriet Emily Brierton, daughter of William Arthur Brierton
  • Mary Helena Kingsland (1841–1934),[20] who married William Wright Tompkins, son of Daniel Hyatt Tompkins and grandson of Daniel D. Tompkins, the 6th Vice President of the United States.
  • Cornelius Francis Kingsland (b. 1843)
  • Walter Francis Kingsland (1848–1929),[21] who married Blanche Vanderbilt Marcelin (d. 1941), the daughter of Jules Marcelin and first wife of Franklin Morse Singer.[22]
  • Albert Alexander Kingsland (1849–1917),[23] who married Jennie Travis (1864–1930), the daughter of Gilbert Travis and Abbie Rogers Travis.
  • Philip Kingsland (1850–1851), who died young.
  • Augusta Lovett Kingsland (b. 1839), who married Herman Leroy Jones.[24][25]

Kingsland died at his home, 114 Fifth Avenue, at 11 o'clock on a Sunday evening, October 13, 1878.[4] In his obituary, The New York Times announced that his death "removes one of the last of that band of old New-York merchants who were in business 50 years ago, and whose names have become interwoven with the history of New-York."[4]


Kingsland's home was at 114 Fifth Avenue (southwest corner at 17th Street),[26][27] now the site of a Banana Republic store.[6]

In 1864, Kingsland purchased Hunter Island, now in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx for $127,501.[28] He later purchased a sizeable country home north of the city along the Hudson River in North Tarrytown, present day Sleepy Hollow, New York.[29] His sale of this land to the early steam-engine automotive company, Stanley Steamer, helped open North Tarrytown's 20th century era as a major automotive factory town.


Through his son George, he was the grandfather of Helen Schermerhorn Kingsland (1876–1956),[30] who married Augustus Newbold Morris (1868–1928) (the son of A. N. Morris),[31] George L. Kingsland (1885–1952) and Ethel Kingsland Anderson (1886–1967). Through his son Ambrose, he was the grandfather of Walter F. Kingsland, who married the Princess Marie Louise of Orléans (1896–1973) in 1928,[32] Marjorie Kingsland, who married Viscount Robert de Vaulogé in the Church of St. Clotilde, Paris,[33] and Muriel Kingsland, who married Captain Ivan Barrington White (d. 1947) of the British diplomatic service.[34] Through his son Albert, he was the grandfather of Albert Alexander Kingsland, Albert Harold Kingsland, and Henry C. Kingsland.[23]


A waterfront park in the Westchester County suburb still bears Kingsland's name, as does Kingsland Avenue in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, which he helped survey. There is also a Kingsland Avenue in the Baychester section of the Bronx.[35]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Caleb Smith Woodhull
Mayor of New York City
Succeeded by
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