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Amir Juan Chamdin, born 4 June 1974, is a Swedish director and rapper. He was raised at Södermalm. His father is Syriac Christian[1] and his mother is Finnish.[2]

Chamdin has been one of the front figures in the Swedish hip hop group Infinite Mass since their formation in 1991. Since then, he has focused more on work as a director of feature films, commercials and music videos. He and Martina Stöhr own production company CHAMDIN&STÖHR FILM.[3] His feature film debut was God Willing 2006, starring himself and Nina Persson.[4] His second and latest film was the 2010 film Cornelis about the life of the late Swedish music legend Cornelis Vreeswijk.[5][6]

In 2017, Chamdin directed six episodes of the Swedish web television series, Hassell.[7]


  • 2006 Amir Chamdin made his cinematic debut with the film "God Willing" (Om gud Vill), which starred Nina Persson from The Cardigans and Amir himself. When seeing the film Jack White (The White Stripes) decided to give Amir Chamdin permission to record a new version of the song "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground". This later became the theme song of the movie. The film also received the Kodak Visionary Award in 2006 and was nominated in several international film festivals such as, The Chicago International Film Festival, Taipei International Film Festival, Manila International Film Festival, Guldbaggen etc etc.
  • 2010 Amir Chamdin feature film "Cornelis" premiered in Sweden and Norway. Cornelis being the unique chronicle about one of Sweden's greatest music legends ((Cornelis Vreeswijk)). Amir Chamdin made an unexpected move casting Hank Von Hell (Turbonegro) as Cornelis. "Cornelis" went straight to no. 1 at the box office in Sweden and it has been very well received throughout the Nordic countries.
  • 2017 Amir Chamdins first TV series "Hassel" premiered on Viaplay starring Ola Rapace. Hassel is a realistic, hard-boiled and direct police thriller series inspired by the iconic detective Roland Hassel. Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters) made the soundtrack and the titel song is Roky Erickson's "It's a Cold Night For Alligators". Hassel reached number 1 as the most watched new series in Sweden and Finland in 2017.

Music Videos[edit]

  • 2004 Amir Chamdin received the MTV Award for Best Music Video directing The Cardigans video "You're The Storm".
  • 2005 he founded the production company Chamdin & Stöhr together with producer Martina Stöhr and Daniel Sachs. Together they have produced a number of international award-winning commercials such as: H&M, Ikea & Adidas.
  • 2013, Loudwire named Ghost and the "Year Zero" music video directed by Amir Chamdin, the Best Metal Video of 2013,[7] while Revolver named it seventh on their list of the year's best in all genres. "Year Zero" and its music video were nominated for Best Metal Song and Best Metal Video in the 2013 Loudwire Music Awards. Amir Chamdin directed Gisele Bündchen in a music video, covering The Kinks "All Day and All of the Night", filmed on the streets of London.


  • MTV Award Best Music Video - The Cardigans - "You're The Storm"
  • Kodak Visionary Award for ”God Willing” 2006
  • Loudwire Music Awards - Best Metal Video - Ghost ”Year Zero”
  • Epica/Gold – IKEA “comeintomycloset”
  • Euro best/Gold – IKEA “comeintomycloset”
  • NY Festival Innovative/Gold – Best use of music/sound – IKEA“comeintomycloset”
  • NY Festival Innovative/Gold – Household appliances/furnishings –IKEA“comeintomycloset”
  • SilverÄgg – Banana Party (MTV Short film)
  • Epica/Silver – Nellonen “Ugly Betty”
  • London International Awards – Television/Cinema: Campaign TELE2 “Big Bills Are History”


Year Title Note Awards
2000 Infinite Mass "Enter The Dragon ” Music Video
2000 The Hellacopters ”Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial” Music Video
2000 The Hellacopters ”No Song Unheard” Music Video
2001 Infinite Mass featuring Roger Daltrey "Bullet" Music Video
2002 The Hellacopters ”By The Grace of God” Music Video
2002 Infinite Mass "Blazin" Music Video
2002 The Ark ”Calleth you, Cometh I” Music Video
2002 The Ark ”Father of A Son” Music Video
2002 The Ark ”Tell Me This Night is Over” Music Video
2003 The Cardigans ”For What it’s Worth” Music Video
2004 The Cardigan - You're the Storm Music Video MTV - Best Music Video
2004 Gluecifer ”A Call From The Other Side” Music Video
2004 Infinite Mass ”No. 1 Swartskalle” Music Video
2004 Mando Diao ”Clean Town” Music Video
2004 ”A Man’s Gotta Do” Short Film
2005 The Hellacopters ”Everything’s On TV” Music Video
2005 The Hellacopters ”Bring It On Home” Music Video
2005 Adidas "Indoor" TV Commercial
2006 God Willing Feature Film Kodak Visionary Awards
2006 JC ft Carmen Electra - ”Anniversary” TV Commercial
2006 "Banana Party" Short Film Winner - Silver Egg
2007 The Hellacopters ”Same Lame Story” Music Video
2007 The Hellacopters ”Sign Of The Octopus” Music Video
2007 The Hellacopters ”Darling Darling” Music Video
2008 The Andy Warhol Exhibition Commercial
2009 A Camp ”Stronger Than Jesus” Music Video
2009 "Musical Chairs" (Hela Havet Stormar) Starring Kim Bodnia, Lia Boysen, Vera Vitali Short Film
2010 Cornelis Feature Film
2011 H&M "Winter" ft Bryan Ferry TV Commercial
2012 Agnes "One Last Time” Music Video
2013 Ghost - Year Zero Music Video Loudwire Music Awards - Best Metal Video
2013 Ghost ”Secular Haze” Music Video
2013 H&M ft Gisele Bündchen TV Commercial
2013 H&M "High Summer" ft Doutzen Kroes TV Commercial
2013 Mike Granditsky "Black Out" Music Video
2014 NoNoNo ”Jungle” Music Video
2014 ”Höj Rösten!” ft Gösta Ekman TV Commercial
2015 H&M "Summer Starts Now!" ft Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Natasha Poly and Joan Smalls TV Commercial
2015 H&M "Spring Fashion" ft Daria Werbowy TV Commercial
2016 Mike Granditsky ”Speed Street” Music Video
2016 H&M "Forever Summer" ft Anna Ewers & Andreea Diaconu TV Commercial
2016 Mango "The New Metallic" ft Jamie Hince Starring Karlie Kloss TV Commercial
2017 TUI "TUI For You" TV Commercial
2017 Hassel TV Series/Viaplay



"Infinite Mass” EP (1993) Infinite Mass Records

”The Infinite Patio” Infinite Mass (1995) Roof Top

”Ride” EP Infinite Mass (1995) Roof Top

”Alwayz Somethang” Infinite Mass (1997) Warlock Records

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”Bullet” EP Infinite Mass (2001) Polar / Universal

”The Face” Infinite Mass (2001)Polar / Universal

”1991” Infinite Mass (2004) Warner

”Ta-Da-Da-Da” Snowracer (2005) Universal

”Masters Of The Universe” Infinite Mass (2007) Infinite Mass Records

”Mean Streets” Mean Streets (2009) Sheriff / Warner


”Shoot the Racist” Infinite Mass Soundtrack / Sökarna (1993) Polygram

”Meter Running” Amir Chamdin Soundtrack / Upp Till Kamp (2007) Razzia Records

”Lady Luck” Amir Chamdin Soundtrack / Leo (2007) Memfis Film


”Mah Boyz” Infinite Mass (1995) Roof Top / BMG

”Nine 5 Vibe” Infinite Mass (1995) Roof Top / BMG

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”Blazin’” Infinite Mass (2002) Polar / Universal

”Celebrate” Infinite Mass (2002) Polar / Universal

”No 1. Swartskalle” Infinite Mass (2004) Warner

”The Thief” Infinite Mass (2004) Warner

”Fire Fire” Infinite Mass (2004) Warner

”Native American” Snowracer (2005) Universal

”The Way I’m watching You” Snowracer featuring Emmylou Harris (2005) Universal

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