Mueang Chonburi District

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Mueang Chonburi
The Khao Khiao Massif rising east of Chonburi
The Khao Khiao Massif rising east of Chonburi
Amphoe location in Chonburi Province
Amphoe location in Chonburi Province
Coordinates: 13°21′43″N 100°58′45″E / 13.36194°N 100.97917°E / 13.36194; 100.97917Coordinates: 13°21′43″N 100°58′45″E / 13.36194°N 100.97917°E / 13.36194; 100.97917
Country  Thailand
Province Chonburi
Seat Bang Pla Soi
Tambon 18
 • Total 228.8 km2 (88.3 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 316,119
 • Density 1,387/km2 (3,590/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 20000[1]
Geocode 2001

Mueang Chonburi (Thai: เมืองชลบุรี; IPA: [mɯ̄aŋ tɕʰōn būrīː]) is the capital district (amphoe mueang) of Chonburi Province, Eastern Thailand.


Neighbouring districts are (from the north clockwise) Bang Pakong of Chachoengsao Province, Phan Thong, Ban Bueng and Si Racha. To the west is the Bay of Bangkok.


The district is subdivided into 18 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 107 villages (muban). There are three towns (thesaban mueang) - Chonburi, Saen Suk and Ban Suan. More municipal areas are 3 townships (thesaban tambon), Khlong Tamru, Bang Sai, and Ang Sila. There are further 10 Tambon administrative organisations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name     
1. Bang Pla Soi บางปลาสร้อย 10. Nong Mai Daeng หนองไม้แดง 
2. Makham Yong มะขามหย่ง 11. Bang Sai บางทราย
3. Ban Khot บ้านโขด 12. Khlong Tamru  คลองตำหรุ
4. Saen Suk แสนสุข 13. Mueang เหมือง
5. Ban Suan บ้านสวน 14. Ban Puek บ้านปึก
6. Nong Ri หนองรี 15. Huai Kapi ห้วยกะปิ
7. Na Pa นาป่า 16. Samet เสม็ด
8. Nong Khang Khok  หนองข้างคอก  17. Ang Sila อ่างศิลา
9. Don Hua Lo ดอนหัวฬ่อ 18. Samnak Bok สำนักบก


A number of beaches and Khao Sam Muk hill located by the Bangkok Bay seashore are important tourist attractions in Chonburi District.


  1. ^ Tambon Ban Puk, Saen Suk, Mueang, muban 4 and 5 of Huai Kapi and muban 7 and 8 of Samet are handled by Bang Saen and have postal code 20130