Laem Chabang

Coordinates: 13°5′N 100°53′E / 13.083°N 100.883°E / 13.083; 100.883
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Laem Chabang
City of Laem Chabang
Entrance to the port in 2005
Entrance to the port in 2005
Official seal of Laem Chabang
Laem Chabang is located in Bay of Bangkok
Laem Chabang
Laem Chabang
Location in Bay of Bangkok
Laem Chabang is located in Thailand
Laem Chabang
Laem Chabang
Location in Thailand
Coordinates: 13°05′N 100°53′E / 13.083°N 100.883°E / 13.083; 100.883
Country Thailand
DistrictSi Racha
Subdistrict municipality3 January 1992
City municipality24 May 2010
 • TypeCity municipality
 • MayorJinda Thanomrod
 • Total88.59 km2 (34.20 sq mi)
 • Water21.06 km2 (8.13 sq mi)
 • Total88,271
 • Density996/km2 (2,580/sq mi)
 60,000 people are not registered
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Calling code(+66) 38

Laem Chabang (Thai: แหลมฉบัง, pronounced [lɛ̌ːm tɕʰābāŋ]) is a port city municipality (thesaban nakhon) in Si Racha and Bang Lamung districts of Chonburi Province, Thailand.[2] It includes Thung Sukhla subdistrict (tambon) and parts of subdistricts Bueng, Nong Kham and Surasak of Si Racha District and part of Bang Lamung township of Bang Lamung District. As of 2019 it had a population of 88,271.[1] The city has grown up around the port, but also serves as a major stop on the coastal highway linking Pattaya and Bangkok via Sukhumvit Road (Hwy 3). The city is also known for hosting a Japanese retirement community with specialty stores geared towards them.


Since 1981 the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) has defined Laem Chabang as a target area for the development into a new urban community by constructing and developing infrastructure and public utilities to support the expansion of the community resulting from the development. Industry by carrying out the construction of an international deep sea port. Industrial estates for export. Construction of the Laem Chabang Port. Railway to connect with the Bangkok-Sattahip Port Railway. Realisation of Laem Chabang Community Housing Building.
According to the Eastern Seaboard Development Project the area consists of the whole Thung Sukhla subdistrict and some areas of Surasak subdistrict, Nong Kham subdistrict, Bueng subdistrict and Bang Lamung subdistrict. Development of the port complex started in 1988. The container port was completed in 1991.
By raising the status of some areas of Ao Udom sanitation district (sukhaphiban), Laem Chabang subdistrict municipality (thesaban tambon), Si Racha district and Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province was established, announced in the Government Gazette, book 108, issue 211, dated 4 December 1991, effective from 3 January 1992. To be a local government organization that controls and enforces the urban development plan. As well as being an agency that provides social services to the community. Conduct business of various industries with the people to rule and take care. Upholding their localities according to the municipal system.
Subsequently Laem Chabang city municipality (thesaban nakhon) was established on 24 May 2010.[3]

The port is part of the Belt and Road Initiative that runs from the Chinese coast to the south via Singapore through the Strait of Malacca towards the southern tip of India, via Mombasa through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean, there to the Upper Adriatic region to the northern Italian hub of Trieste with its rail connections to Central Europe and the North Sea.[4][5][6]


The area of Laem Chabang city municipality is generally coastal and is located on the east of Gulf of Thailand about 120 km (75 mi) from Suvarnabhumi Airport, 30 km (19 mi) south of Chonburi, 25 km (16 mi) north of Pattaya and 60 km (37 mi) from Map Ta Phut and covers an area of 109.65 km2 (42.34 sq mi) of which 88.59 km2 (34.20 sq mi) land area and 21.06 km2 (8.13 sq mi) water surface (sea).[7] It is in the development zone under the Eastern Seaboard Development Project, consists of a commercial port, industrial estate centers, playgrounds, sports fields, etc.
Laem Chabang borders to the north: Surasak subdistrict (tambon), Si Racha district (amphoe), Chonburi province (changwat), east: subdistricts Nong Kham and Bueng, Si Racha district, Chonburi province, south: Bang Lamung subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province, west: Gulf of Thailand.


Laem Chabang city has a tropical savanna climate (Köppen climate classification category Aw). Winters are dry and warm. Temperatures rise until May. Monsoon season runs from May through October, with heavy rain and somewhat cooler temperatures during the day, although nights remain warm. Weather station Laem Chabang, climate data from 1981 to 2010: The maximum temperature is 39.0 °C (102.2 °F) in January and the minimum temperature is 14.0 °C (57.2 °F) in December. The maximum average temperature is 33.3 °C (91.9 °F) in April and the minimum average temperature is 22.0 °C (71.6 °F) in December. Annual rainfall is 1,151 millimeter (45.3 inch).[8]

Climate data for Laem Chabang (1981–2010)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 39.0
Mean daily maximum °C (°F) 31.9
Daily mean °C (°F) 27.9
Mean daily minimum °C (°F) 22.1
Record low °C (°F) 14.9
Average rainfall mm (inches) 20.9
Average rainy days 1.5 2.3 4.6 6.5 12.3 12.9 11.8 13.4 17.0 16.9 4.2 1.1 104.5
Average relative humidity (%) 64 72 73 74 76 76 76 76 78 78 65 61 72
Mean monthly sunshine hours 192.2 163.9 186.0 186.0 117.8 114.0 117.8 114.7 108.0 108.5 171.0 192.2 1,772.1
Mean daily sunshine hours 6.2 5.8 6.0 6.2 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.7 3.6 3.5 5.7 6.2 4.9
Source 1: Thai Meteorological Department[9]
Source 2: Office of Water Management and Hydrology, Royal Irrigation Department (sun and humidity)[10]


The administration of Laem Chabang city municipality is responsible for a land area that covers 88.59 km2 (34.20 sq mi) of which 72.56 km2 (28.02 sq mi) in Si Racha district, Chonburi province (82%) and 16.03 km2 (6.19 sq mi) in Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province (18%).[7] Consists of five subdistricts, 24 villages, 88,271 people in 79,703 households (following House Registration Office).[1] The latent population, who came to work in various establishments, without moving house registration is approximately 60,000 people.[11]

Laem Chabang city minicipality with subdistricts
District Subdistrict Village People H.holds
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo1   2,871   1,463
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo2   1,134   1,360
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo3   1,819      665
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo4        15        40
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo5      678   1,096
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo6   7,472   5,731
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo7   3,503   3,926
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo8   3,452   3,725
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo9   4,967 6,959
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo10   8,379   8,307
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo11   4,203   2,904
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Moo12   3,087   2,316
Si Racha Thung Sukhla Subtotal 41,580 38,492
Si Racha Nong Kham Moo11 11,716 13,926
Si Racha Nong Kham Subtotal 11,716 13,926
District Subdistrict Village People H.holds
Si Racha Surasak Moo3   3,068   2,229
Si Racha Surasak Moo9   1,946   1,265
Si Racha Surasak Subtotal   5,014   3,494
Si Racha Bueng Moo1   3,403   1,964
Si Racha Bueng Moo5   3,259   1,695
Si Racha Bueng Moo9   2,881   1,250
Si Racha Bueng Moo10   5,954   3,725
Si Racha Bueng Subtotal 15,497 8,634
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Moo4   3,351   2,257
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Moo6   3,238   6,428
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Moo7   1,329      656
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Moo8   5,684   5,539
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Moo9      862      277
Bang Lamung Bang Lamung Subtotal 14,464 15,157
    TOTAL 88,271 79,703


The city logo shows a ship, which symbolizes an international commercial port, the chimney characterizes an industrial city, the mountain points to the location of the municipality, the sun means glory.[12]

Religious places[edit]

Laem Chabang city municipality is home to the following active temples, where Theravada Buddhism is practiced by local residents:[13]

Temple name Thai Location
Wat Ban Na Kao วัดบ้านนาเก่า Thung Sukhla
Wat Laem Chabang (new) วัดแหลมฉบัง (ใหม่) Thung Sukhla
Wat Laem Chabang (old) วัดแหลมฉบัง (เก่า) Thung Sukhla
Wat Mai Noen Phayom วัดใหม่เนินพยอม Thung Sukhla
Wat Manorom วัดมโนรม Thung Sukhla
Wat Noen Bunyaram วัดเนินบุญญาราม Thung Sukhla
Wat Phra Prathanpon วัดพระประทานพร Surasak
Wat Si Thammaram วัดศรีธรรมมาราม Surasak
Wat Laem Thong วัดแหลมทอง Nong Kham
Wat Prachanat วัดปชานาถ Nong Kham
Wat Nong Khla วัดหนองคล้า Bueng
Wat Bang Lamung วัดบางละมุง Bang Lamung
Wat Si Wanaram วัดศรีวนาราม Bang Lamung
Wat Sukree Bunyaram วัดสุกรีย์บุญญาราม Bang Lamung

Shrines in the city municipality are:


Economic conditions within Laem Chabang city municipality largely depend on industry. Industrial factories operate more than 200 companies. They employ the largest number of workers in Chonburi province.[14]

Laem Chabang Industrial Estate[edit]

It is one of the main development activities in Laem Chabang, located on an area of 569 ha (1,406 acres) between the harbor and Sukhumvit Road, Thung Sukhla subdistrict, divided into:[15]

  1. General industrial zone, 292 ha (721 acres) with approximately 80 companies, among which Mitsubishi car factory and engine factory, Fujitsu General (Thailand), Michelin Siam Company and Meyer Group Company.[1]
  2. Free business zone, 157 ha (387 acres) with approximately 26 companies in the first phase and 40 companies in the second phase.
  3. Government and Public utility zone, 121 ha (298 acres) with branches of TOT Public Company, Eastern Investment Economic Center (BOI) and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited.

Saha Group Industrial Park[edit]

A private project established in 1977 located West of Motorway 7 at Nong Kham subdistrict, on an area of approximately 208 ha (514 acres), comprising about 80 industrial factories with at least 20,000 employees.[16]

Laem Chabang Port[edit]

Port of Laem Chabang
Click on the map for a fullscreen view
LocationLaem Chabang, Chonburi Province
Owned byPort Authority of Thailand
Type of harbourNatural/Artificial
Size of harbour21.06 km2 (8.1 sq.mi)
Land area10.4 km2 (4 sq.mi)
Annual cargo tonnage80 million tonnes (FY2017)[17]
Annual container volume7.7 million TEUs (FY2017)

Thailand's largest port occupies 10.41 km2 (4 sq.mi) and is capable of handling the largest (Post-Panamax) vessels.[18]
Development of the port complex started in 1988 to encourage development outside Bangkok and take advantage of proximity to the Gulf of Thailand. The container port was completed in 1991.[19] In 2014 it handled 6.58 million TEUs, making it the 20th busiest container port in the world.[20] In FY2017 (1 October 2016 – 30 September 2017) it handled 7.7 million TEUs.[17] Much of the international shipping reaching Thailand passes through Laem Chabang. It is a port of call for Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. It accommodated 59 passenger liners in FY2017.[17]

Laem Chabang includes:

  • Seven container terminals
  • One multipurpose terminal
  • One ro-ro terminal
  • One passenger ro-ro terminal
  • One general cargo terminal
  • One shipyard terminal
  • Adjacent Harbor Mall

The Port Authority of Thailand is responsible for the port overall. It engages private sector contractors to manage various port operations.

Petroleum Industry[edit]

Three oil refineries:[21]

Three petroleum oil depots:

Three PPG depots:


Transportation is a continuous business from all this industry. There is a kaleidoscope of transport companies based in Laem Chabang, of which there are a few:

  • CJ Logistics (Thailand) Co. Ltd.[2]
  • ESCO - Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co. Ltd.[3]
  • Freight Links Express (Thailand) Co. Ltd.[4]
  • Logem Transport Co. Ltd.[5]
  • MON transport Co. Ltd.[6]
  • MSC Depot Laem Chabang.[7]
  • Shipco Transport (Thailand) Ltd.[8]
  • WICE Logistics Public Co. Ltd.[9]


In the past there were a lot of pineapple plantations in the area of present-day Laem Chabang city municipality. Today agriculture has declined dramatically, mainly due to the growing industry.

Water management[edit]

  • Laem Chabang Industrial Estate uses an average 23,000 m3/day of tap water from Huai Nong Kho water reservoir in Nong Kham subdistrict.[22]
  • Waste water of 8,000 m3/day produces
  • 2,500 m3/day of industrial water by means of reverse osmosis (RO) system.


There is one university: Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus
Three municipality schools:

  • Laem Chabang school District 1
  • Laem Chabang school District 2
  • Laem Chabang school District 3

Twelve primary/secondary schools under the Chonburi Educational Service Area Office 3:

  • Ban Bang Lamung school
  • Ban Chak Yai Chin school
  • Ban Thungkrad school
  • Thai Kasikorn Songkhro Company school [10]
  • Thungsukla Phitthaya school [11]
  • Wat Ban Na school [12]
  • Wat Laem Chabang school
  • Wat Mai Noen Phayom school
  • Wat Manorom school
  • Wat Nong Khla school
  • Wat Phra Prathapon school
  • Wat Sukree Bunyaram school

Four private schools:

  • Boon Psychology school
  • Laem Chabang Engineering school [13]
  • Laem Chabang Technology school
  • Thanapon Wittaya school

There are also eight child development centers in Laem Chabang city municipality


A governmental and a private hospital in Laem Chabang.

  • Laem Chabang Hospital (formerly Ao Udom Hospital) is a governmental hospital.[14]
  • Vibharam Laem Chabang Hospital (formerly Laem Chabang International Hospital) is a private hospital.[15]

Three Public Health Service Centers:

  • Public Health Service Center 1 (Nong Kham)
  • Public Health Service Center 2 (Thung Krad)
  • Public Health Service Center 3 (Khao Nam Sub)

Further about 24 private clinics.



Laem Chabang has a world class golf course, the Laem Chabang International Country Club designed by Jack Nicklaus.[23] This golf course in Bueng subdistrict consists of 27 holes on 283 ha (700 acres). "Mountain 9" is 3,151 m (3,446 yards) in length. "Lake 9" is 3,126 m (3,419 yards) in length.


Laem Chabang municipal Stadium is currently used mostly for football matches and holds 2,000 people.[24] In 2017 it was announced that the track would be surfaced to enable the hosting of major athletics events.[25]
Laem Chabang City FC plays in Thai Lower Division with average of 250 spectators.


Laem Chabang city municipality has 23 communities (chumchon), although not directly chosen by the local citizens, which provides advice and recommendations to local administrative organisations. They also promote and support community participation and enterprises at the district level and subdistrict villages.

Community name Location Village
Ban Ao Udom Community Thung Sukhla Moo1
Ban Thung Community Thung Sukhla Moo2
Ban Laem Chabang Com. Thung Sukhla Moo3
Ban Na Kao Community Thung Sukhla Moo4 + 5
Ban Khao Nam Sub Com. Thung Sukhla Moo6
Ao Udom Market Com. Thung Sukhla Moo7
Ban Chak Yai Chin Com. Thung Sukhla Moo8
Wat Manorom Community Thung Sukhla Moo9
Ban Laem Thong Com. Thung Sukhla Moo10
Ban Hai Lek Community Thung Sukhla Moo11 + 12
Wat Phra Praphon Com. Surasak Moo3 + 9
Community name Location Village
Ban Chak Pook Com. Nong Kham Moo11
Ban Nong Kham Com. Nong Kham Moo11
Ban Chak Kranej Com. Bueng Moo1
Ban Rai Nueng Com. Bueng Moo5
Ban Nong Khla Mai Com. Bueng Moo9
Ban Sethi Nai Fan Com. Bueng Moo9 + 10
Ban Nong Khla Kao Com. Bueng Moo10
Ban Nong Manao Com. Bang Lamung Moo4
Ban Na Mai Com. Bang Lamung Moo6
Ban Nong Phang Phuai Com. Bang Lamung Moo7
Ban Thung Krad Com. Bang Lamung Moo8
Ban Bang Lamung Com. Bang Lamung Moo9


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