Amrumbank West

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Amrumbank West
Location of Amrumbank West off the coast of Germany on the North Sea
LocationNorth Sea, ~35 km (22 mi) north of Helgoland
Coordinates54°30′N 7°48′E / 54.500°N 7.800°E / 54.500; 7.800Coordinates: 54°30′N 7°48′E / 54.500°N 7.800°E / 54.500; 7.800
Commission date2015
Wind farm
Power generation
Nameplate capacity302 MW
Amrumbank West's location in the wind farms of the German Bight

Amrumbank West in a German offshore wind farm in the North Sea owned by E.ON. It is located about 35 km northwest of the island of Heligoland and around 18 km south-west of the Amrum Bank sandbank. It consists of 80 turbines in waters 19–24 m deep.[1]


Construction cost was around €1 billion.[2] The project was delayed 15 months by the lack of power lines.[3] The 80 wind turbines are Siemens SWT-3.6–120 with a rated power of 3.6 MW and a rotor diameter of 120 meters.[4] Offshore construction began in 2013, and the first turbine was installed in February 2015. The wind farm was commissioned at the end of 2015.

Seabed protection[edit]

Installation of turbine piles at Amrumbank West through the erosion protection layers.[1]

The seabed surface at the construction site mainly consists of sand. It was initially reinforced by a 2.4-m-thick layer of large stones. However, this hindered installation of the turbine piles, which should be driven through the protection layer deep into the seabed. Therefore, stones were replaced by two layers of geotextile containers, i.e., sandbags made of a special damage-resistant nonwoven geotextile. Empty bags had a size of 1.45 × 2.38 m and could accommodate 1 m3 of sand; they were filled on the Rømø island up to 80 vol% and weighed 1400 kg each. The seabed protection withstood the St. Jude storm in October 2013 and Cyclone Xaver in December 2013. Starting from December 2013, turbine piles 6 m in diameter were driven through the erosion protection layers.[1]

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