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Wind power by country

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Share of electricity production from wind, 2022[1]
Global map of wind speed at 100 m above surface level[2]

The worldwide total cumulative installed electricity generation capacity from wind power has increased rapidly since the start of the third millennium, and as of the end of 2022, it amounts to almost 900 GW. Since 2010, more than half of all new wind power was added outside the traditional markets of Europe and North America, mainly driven by the continuing boom in China and India. China alone had over 40% of the world's capacity by 2022.[3]

Wind power is used on a commercial basis in more than half of all the countries of the world.[4] Denmark produced 55% of its electricity from wind in 2022, a larger share than any other country. Latvia's wind capacity grew by 75%, the largest percent increase in 2022.[3]

In November 2018, wind power generation in Scotland was higher than the country's electricity consumption during the month.[5] Wind power's share of worldwide electricity usage in 2022 was 7.3%, up from 8.9% from the prior year.[3] In Europe, wind was 11.2% of generation in 2022.[3] In 2018, upcoming wind power markets rose from 8% to 10% across the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa.[6]

Generation by country[edit]

Yearly wind generation by continent[3]
Wind generation by country, 2021[3]

Number of countries with wind
capacities in the gigawatt-scale

Growing number of wind gigawatt-markets
  Over 1 GW
  • 2021 Kazakhstan Taiwan Russia Vietnam
    2019 Ukraine
    2018 Pakistan Egypt Morocco
    2017 Norway
    2016 Chile Uruguay South Korea
    2015 South Africa Finland
    2012 Mexico Romania
    2011 Brazil Belgium
    2010 Austria Poland Turkey
    2009 Greece
    2008 Republic of Ireland Australia Sweden
    2006 Canada France
    2005 United Kingdom China Japan Portugal
    2004 Netherlands Italy
    1999 Spain India
    1997 Denmark
    1995 Germany
    1986 United States
  Over 10 GW
  • 2021Turkey Sweden
    2018 Italy
    2016 Brazil
    2015 Canada France
    2013 United Kingdom
    2009 India
    2008 China
    2006 United States Spain
    2002 Germany
  Over 100 GW
  • 2019 United States
    2014 China                  

The following table lists these data for each country:

Data are sourced from Ember and refer to the year 2022 unless otherwise specified.[3] The table only includes countries with more than 0.1 TWh of generation.

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