Canada's Next Top Model (season 1)

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Canada's Next Top Model
Season 1
No. of contestants10
WinnerAndrea Muizelaar
Country of originCanada
No. of episodes8
Original networkCitytv
Original releaseMay 31 (2006-05-31) –
July 19, 2006 (2006-07-19)
Season chronology
Next →
Season 2
List of episodes

Cycle one of Canada's Next Top Model, the Canadian adaptation of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model, aired on Citytv from May to July 2006. The show was hosted by Canadian model and actress Tricia Helfer, who also served the role of head judge with a judging panel composed of columnist and designer Jeanne Beker, former model Stacey McKenzie, and make-up artist Paul Venoit.[1][2] The creative director of America's Next Top Model, Jay Manuel also made guest appearances in the cycle, and later went on to host the show for its next two seasons. The cycle's catchphrase was "Now it's our turn."

The prize package for this cycle included a modeling contract with Sutherland Models, an editorial spread in Fashion magazine, and a beauty contract valued at CA$100,000 from Procter & Gamble.[3]

The winner of the competition was 19-year-old Andrea Muizelaar from Whitby, Ontario.[4]



(Ages stated are at start of contest)[5]

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Sylvie Majcher 23 Sherwood Park, Alberta Episode 1 10
Dawn Buggins †[6] 22 Calgary, Alberta Episode 2 9
Natalie Talson 22 New Westminster, British Columbia Episode 3 8
Heather Dorssers 20 Blenheim, Ontario Episode 4 7
Tenika Davis 23 Newmarket, Ontario Episode 5 6
Ylenia Aurucci 23 Vancouver, British Columbia Episode 6 5
Brandi Alexander 21 Vancouver, British Columbia Episode 7 4
Sisi Wang 23 Richmond, British Columbia Episode 8 3
Alanna Shelast 19 Kelowna, British Columbia 2
Andrea Muizelaar 19 Whitby, Ontario 1


Other cast members[edit]

  • Sima Kumar


No. in
TitleOriginal air date
11"Hit The Dance Floor Running"May 31, 2006 (May 31, 2006)

The ten finalists arrived in Victoria, British Columbia where they met Jay Manuel to have their polaroids taken before being instructed to assemble outfits from Miss Sixty for a catwalk lesson, in which Heather was deemed to be the best performer. After moving into their new house and meeting host Tricia Helfer for a night out, the models took on their first photo shoot, in which they had to portray iconic women of rock. After deliberation, Sylvie became the first contestant to leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Andrew MacNaughtan
  • Special guests: Jay Manuel, Kelly Streit, Brandon Hall
22"Float Like a Butterfly, Fight Like a Babe"June 7, 2006 (June 7, 2006)

The remaining nine contestants received makeovers, and took part in a Fight Club themed photo shoot session with photographer Christopher Wadsworth. At elimination, the models were asked to name the contestant they thought should be sent home. After deliberation, Dawn became the second contestant to leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Christopher Wadsworth
  • Special guest: Greg Wencel
33"Walk This Way"June 14, 2006 (June 14, 2006)

The models met judge Stacey McKenzie for a runway lesson at a bowling alley, and had to perform in a show in front of the Victoria Vikes rugby team for a challenge, which was won by Brandi. and later had a diamond photo shoot with a Cadillac XLR in which they had to portray the role of an annoyed partner being stood up by her boyfriend. At panel, Natalie became the third contestant to leave the competition.

  • Special guests: Phillip Bloch, Brad Smith
44"Topping It All Off"June 21, 2006 (June 21, 2006)

The contestants were challenged to a fitness test, which was won by Brandi, and later headed for a night out. At the photo shoot, the models discovered that they would have to pose in lingerie with a male model. At elimination, Heather became the fourth contestant to leave the competition

  • Featured photographer: Malcolm Tweedy
  • Special guest: Harley Pasternakk
55"She Has The Weakest Photograph"June 28, 2006 (June 28, 2006)

The remaining contestants learned some discomforting truths about the modeling industry during a meeting with fashion journalist Michael Gross, and later took part in an editorial shoot where they had to pose with a falcon before trying to stand out in a group shot. At elimination, Tenika became the fifth contestant to leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Malcolm Tweedy
  • Special guests: Michael Gross
66"Beauty Is As Beauty Poses"July 5, 2006 (July 5, 2006)

The contestants received a visit from Tricia Helfer, who taught them how to master their facial expressions and channel their emotions. They later had a challenge in which they had their natural beauty shots taken in black and white, where Brandi was chosen as the winner. For the main photo shoot, the models had a new set of beauty shots taken for Pantene. At elimination, Ylenia became the sixth contestant to leave the competition.

  • Featured photographer: Rob Dali
  • Special guest: Rob Dali
77"Get Ready, Get Set, Go See!"July 12, 2006 (July 12, 2006)

The final four contestants were sent on go-sees under a time restraint, at the end of which Andrea and Sisi were chosen as the best performers. For the photo shoot, the models were styled in 1980s workout garb as they posed with several random items. At elimination, Brandi became the seventh contestant to leave the competition, leaving Alanna, Andrea, and Sisi as the three remaining contestants.

  • Featured photographer: Christopher Wadsworth
  • Special guest: Sarah Bancroft
88"Runway Race To The Finish"July 19, 2006 (July 19, 2006)

The final three shot a commercial for CoverGirl, after which Sisi was eliminated from the competition. Alanna and Andrea had one last photo shoot for the cover of Fashion magazine, before taking part in a final runway show to help determine the winner. After the final deliberation, Andrea was crowned as the first winner of Canada's Next Top Model.

  • Featured photographer: Candace Meyer
  • Special guest: Jay Manuel


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Brandi Alanna Heather Brandi Brandi Alanna Alanna Andrea Andrea
2 Heather Heather Brandi Sisi Sisi Sisi Andrea Alanna Alanna
3 Sisi Tenika Sisi Andrea Alanna Andrea Sisi Sisi
4 Ylenia Ylenia Andrea Tenika Andrea Brandi Brandi
5 Andrea Andrea Alanna Ylenia Ylenia Ylenia
6 Tenika Natalie Ylenia Alanna Tenika
7 Alanna Sisi Tenika Heather
8 Dawn Brandi Natalie
9 Natalie Dawn
10 Sylvie
  The contestant was eliminated
  The contestant won the competition

Average call-out order[edit]

Final two are not included.

Rank by
Place Model Call-out
Number of
1–2 4 Brandi 21 7 3.00
7 Heather 12 4
3 3 Sisi 25 8 3.12
4 2 Alanna 26 3.25
5 1 Andrea 27 3.37
6 5 Ylenia 29 6 4.83
7 6 Tenika 26 5 5.20
8 8 Natalie 23 3 6.67
9 9 Dawn 17 2 8.50
10 10 Sylvie 10 1 10.00

Bottom two[edit]

Episode Contestants Eliminated
1 Natalie & Sylvie Sylvie
2 Brandi & Dawn Dawn
3 Natalie & Tenika Natalie
4 Alanna & Heather Heather
5 Tenika & Ylenia Tenika
6 Brandi & Ylenia Ylenia
7 Brandi & Sisi Brandi
8 Alanna & Sisi Sisi
Alanna & Andrea Alanna
  The contestant was eliminated after her first time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated after her second time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated after her third time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated in the final judging and placed as the runner-up

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Iconic women of rock
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Fight Club
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Cars & diamonds are a girls best friend
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Lingerie and topless
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Lady of the manor with a falcon
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Pantene beauty campaign
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: 80's workout
  • Episode 8 photo shoot & commercial: Fashion magazine covers, CoverGirl


  • Dawn – Bangs
  • Natalie – Blonde extensions with bangs
  • Heather – Cut short with brown highlights
  • Tenika – Long chocolate brown weave and eyebrows shaped
  • Ylenia – Layered with highlights
  • Brandi – Straightened
  • Sisi – Extra shine
  • Alanna – Bob cut and dyed chestnut red
  • Andrea – Long dark red hair extensions intended; later, pixie cut


After winning the competition, Muizelaar appeared on the cover of Canadian wedding magazine SPOSA, which also included a spread. She appeared in CoverGirl campaign ads and also did a publicity mall tour after the show's finale, mostly at Sears stores, but four months after the winning, Muizelaar announced she was leaving the modeling world.

Muizelaar initially stated that modeling was "not the best thing out there".[7] It was eventually revealed that it was due to her struggles with anorexia, noting that there was pressure to remain skinny, as she was often told "how good [she] looked at [her] skinniest". Ever since leaving modeling, she started to gain back the weight she lost during her eating disorder days.[8] Additionally, although she initially stated that she booked most of the jobs she went for,[7] she then stated that winning the show actually brought her few opportunities,[9] and also noted that the winnings were subject to income tax.[8][9][10]


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