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Anime in hip hop is a recent phenomenon in which anime and hip hop, two vastly different subcultures, have collided to form a new subgenre in today's globalised popular culture.

Many notable rappers such as RZA (of the Wu-Tang Clan), Kanye West, and Frank Ocean have taken inspiration from anime when creating their music.[1] In mid-2015 Canadian rapper Sese, aka Lord Frieza, caught the attention of this subgenre when he released his mixtape The Frieza Saga, which was entirely inspired by Dragon Ball Z. "One of my friends was talking about how epic the battles on Dragon Ball Z were and then we started talking about how crazy the parallels between hip-hop and the show are," Sese explains.[2]

Hip hop's influence on anime[edit]

Since the early 1960s, anime has become increasingly more profitable in Western countries. The growth of the Internet provided Western audiences an easy way to access Japanese content.[3] This has seemingly influenced many anime creators to incorporate more Western culture in their productions. The Western market has influenced the creation of many popular hip-hop inspired anime titles such as Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, Tokyo Tribes, PaRappa the Rapper, and Detroit Metal City.

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