Anne Heung

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Anne Heung
Chinese name 向海嵐 (traditional)
Chinese name 向海岚 (simplified)
Pinyin Xiàng Hǎilán (Mandarin)
Jyutping Hoeng3 Hoi2-laam4 (Cantonese)
Born (1974-10-02) 2 October 1974 (age 42)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress, Event Planner
Years active 1998-2008
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Heung.

Anne Heung Hoi-lam (born 2 October 1974) is a Hong Kong-born Canadian actress and model, formerly under contract to the television station TVB. She's also aunt to fellow actor Vinci Wong. She left TVB in 2008 and currently resides in Shanghai.

Life & Career[edit]

Early Days & Hong Kong Pageant Competition[edit]

Anne was born in Hong Kong, but later went to Canada, where she studied economics at the University of British Columbia. She later returned to Hong Kong and competed in the Miss Hong Kong in 1998, where she was crowned and won three awards. She later represented Hong Kong in Miss Chinese International Pageant 1999 and was crowned the second runner up.[1] She also competed in the international pageant, Miss Universe 1999, but did not place in the top 10 semifinalists. However, she did make the top 10 Miss Photogenic polls.[citation needed] Like many before her, the top ranking winners of the beauty pageant will be given an opportunity to contract with HK TVB and be promoted as one of their new featured actresses.

A Decade with TVB[edit]

Anne often starred in action, comedic, and political TVB drama series. She has starred in many drama series like Detective Investigation Files, Riches and Stitches, The Charm Beneath, Seed of Hope, and most notably The Legend of Lady Yang, in which she played Yang Guifei, the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang. While at first heavily promoted, Anne noticed a slow-down in potential roles and felt her value had diminished as she's placed in third-line roles by the 2007's. By 2008, she had no jobs available for nearly four months and when she finally had an available role, it was an executive position; she'll be sitting most of the time. Feeling under-valued and her career had peaked with TVB, she began to look elsewhere for new career opportunities. After completing her TVB filming commitments, Anne quietly parted ways with TVB.

Retirement & New Paths[edit]

After retiring from TVB, Anne decided to venture into business. Anne is friends with 1977's HK pageant winner, Loletta Chu. With the help of Loletta's businessman husband, Vincent Lo, Anne worked under the couple's property development company in Shanghai and later used her own funds to start her own wedding planning company. Although she left the entertainment industry, she is still remembered. Several media companies and businesses had approached Anne to work for them; she would also occasionally appear on media, non-acting roles such as food tourism, commercials, and being a spokesperson for a beauty salon in between her public relations work. However, it wasn't until recently she seriously considered making a return to acting.[2]

Possible Comeback[edit]

In a recent interview in mid-2014, Anne expressed interest in returning to acting for TVB if the role is right for her.[3]


Year Category Result
1998 Miss Hong Kong Pageant - Miss Hospitality Won
1998 Miss Hong Kong Pageant - Universal Beauty Award Won
1998 Miss Hong Kong Pageant - Miss Photogenic Won


Title Year
Detective Investigation Files IV 1999
The Legend of Lady Yang 2000
Legendary Four Aces 2000
Love is Beautiful 2001
Seven Sisters 2001
The Stamp of Love 2001
Golden Faith 2002
Life Begins at Forty 2003
Perish in the Name of Love 2003
Riches and Stitches 2003
Seed of Hope 2003
The W Files 2003
Hidden Treasures 2004
Love Bond 2005
The Charm Beneath 2005
Bar Bender 2006
Au Revoir Shanghai 2006
Face to Fate 2006
Devil's Disciples 2007
Best Bet 2007
Fathers and Sons 2007
The Building Blocks of Life 2007


Preceded by
Virginia Yung
Miss Hong Kong
Succeeded by
Sonija Kwok