Anterior ethmoidal artery

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Anterior ethmoidal artery
The ophthalmic artery and its branches
(anterior and posterior ethmoid labeled at left)
Source Ophthalmic artery
Branches Anterior meningeal artery and nasal branches
Vein Ethmoidal veins
Supplies Anterior and middle ethmoidal cells, frontal sinus
Latin Arteria ethmoidalis anterior
TA A12.2.06.039
FMA 49986
Anatomical terminology

The anterior ethmoidal artery, also anterior ethmoid artery is an artery of the head.


Once it branches from the ophthalmic artery, it accompanies the nasociliary nerve through the anterior ethmoidal canal to supply the anterior and middle ethmoidal cells, frontal sinus, and anterosuperior aspect of the lateral nasal wall.


When entering the cranium, it gives off:

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