Antony Santos

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Antony Santos
El Mayimbe.jpg
Santos performing
Background information
Birth name Domingo Antonio Santos Muñoz
Also known as El Mayimbe "El Bachatú"
Born Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic
Genres Bachata
Years active 1989–present
Labels Platano Records, Premium Latin Music, DASM
Associated acts

Antony Santos is a Dominican bachata musician renowned for his role in redefining the genre to include romantic music.

Santos entered onto the scene in the early 1990s, beginning his career as the güira player for fellow bachatero Luis Vargas, only to leave the group and maintain a very public feud with Vargas. Santos became the first rural bachatero to reach audience, with his hit "Voy pa'llá", shortly after Blas Durán had introduced the electric guitar into the genre. Santos' adoption of soft romantic lyrics was more socially accepted than the bawdy style common to bachata before him, and he shortly became the genre's leading artist, helping move bachata into the mainstream. Santos has helped define the sound of modern bachata, mainly through his use of a chorus pedal and the Yamaha APX series of guitars (with a Gibson Classic Humbucker mounted in the soundhole). He is supportive of Anthony "Romeo" Santos, lead singer of Aventura, even to perform alongside him in Romeo's latest album alongside Vargas and Raulín Rodríguez in both one skit and the track "Debate De 4".

His hit songs include: "Voy Pa Lla", "Cuantos Mas", "Yo Me Muero Por Ti", "Creiste","Vete y Alejate de Mi", "Un Muerto Vivo", "Por Mi Timidez", "Pegame Tu Vicio", "Corazón Culpable", "Pequeño Huracan" and "Muchos Cambios" among others.


Antony Santos (1996) [2] a movie by Frédéric Pelle (52’) : In Santo Domingo everyone listens and dances to "bachata" which is the poor and oppressed classes' means of expression. Antony Santos is the star of this today, adulated by his fans who admire him for having remained very close to them. This is a portrait of the musician with excerpts from concerts.[1]


  • La Chupadera (1991)
  • La Batalla (1992)
  • Corazón Bonito (1993)
  • Cojelo Ahí (1994)
  • El Mayimbe y Nada Más (1995)
  • Sabor Latino (1996)
  • Como Te Voy a Dejar (1997)
  • Me Muero de Amor (1998)
  • El Mayimbe: En Vivo (1999)
  • Enamorado (1999)
  • El Balazo (2001)
  • Juego de Amor (2002)
  • El Mayimbe: En Vivo (Vol. 2) (2002)
  • Sin Ti (2003)
  • En Vivo, Vol. 3: Con Su Nuevo Estilo (2003)
  • Vuelve Amor: Grabado En Vivo (2004)
  • Lloro (2005)
  • Concierto En Vivo: United Palace (2005)
  • Ay! Ven (2006)
  • Siempre Romántico (2006)
  • Vete (2007)
  • Muchos Cambios En El Mundo (2008)
  • Un Muerto Vivo (2009)
  • El Mensaje (2010)
  • Vuelve (2011)
  • El Diablo Soy Yo (2011)
  • Live from Madison Square Garden (2014)
  • Creiste (2014)
  • Tengo Vicio de Ti - Single (2016)
  • Quien Pudo Ser - Single (2016)
  • La Historia De Mi Vida, El Final (2018)


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