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AqME 2014.png
Background information
Also known as AqME
Origin France Paris, France
Genres Nu metal,[1] alternative metal, metalcore
Years active 1999–present
Members Vincent Peignart-Mancini (vocals)
Charlotte Poiget (bass)
Etienne Sarthou (drums)
Julien Hekking (guitar)[2]
Past members Sophie

Aqme (previously known as Neurosyndrom) is a French heavy metal band originating from Paris, consisting of four members. The band was part of a French nu metal movement called "Team Nowhere", but they eventually split up with the Team in order to have more independence.


Aqme was created in the end of 1999 after the break-up of Neurosyndrom. They were one of the founding bands of Team Nowhere. At the time of its formation, Aqme's line-up was composed of Etienne on drums, Ben on guitar, Sophie on bass (who will later be replaced by Charlotte), and Thomas on vocals. Six months after the formation of the band, the quartet released a five track demo known as "University Of Nowhere". It is at this period, when the band started appearing in several compilations, that Sophie left the band. She was then replaced by Charlotte.

Not very satisfied of their previous releases, the band decided to work in studio during a year in order to create their first album. They went to record in Sweden with the Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand, who is known for working with Meshuggah, In Flames, and Misery Loves Co. The band then came back to France and played in concerts with other French bands such as Unfold and Mass Hysteria. The band's new songs attracted more people to the concerts and the band eventually had a larger audience.[citation needed]

Aqme's critical acclaim occurred after the release of their first album, Sombre Efforts (French for "Dark Efforts"). They went on a relatively big tour across France between September 2002 and October 2003, with a notable success at the "Eurockéennes de Belfort". At the end of 2003, the Parisian band went back to studio recording in order to make their second album, Polaroïds & Pornographie (French for "Polaroids and Pornography").

After extensive touring, the band started recording their third album, this time without Daniel Bergstrand. They chose Steve Prestage as a producer and stayed in Paris for recording. The album was released in October 2005, under the name La Fin Des Temps (French for "The End of Times"), and Pas Assez Loin was even played on the radio. This third album had more prominent guitar parts but still continued to be playable live. The lyrics centered around different topics such as euthanasia (Ainsi Soit-Il), apprehension of death (La Belle Inconnue), the downfall of the world (La Fin Des Temps), and human relationships. Aqme has opened the concerts for Indochine during their tour since AqME had recorded a track with Indochine (Aujourd'hui Je Pleure), which is featured on Indochine's album Alice & June.

On October 21, 2006, following a concert at the Olympia, the band announced that they were planning on disappearing the following year in order to come back with a fourth album in 2008.[citation needed]

Three out of the four members have now a side-project. On November 26, 2006, Etienne's side-project, gRYMT, released its first record called "My Dark One". In June 2007, Thomas and Ben have announced via MySpace that they're both working on their new bands ("Vicky Vale" and "Die On Monday") debut album.

The band lists Mass Hysteria, Lazy, Loudblast, Headcharger, Eths, Feverish, Darkness Dynamite, Memories of a Dead Man, Lofofora, and Checkmate as their primary influences.[2]

Their fourth studio album, entitled Hérésie, was released on the 4th of February 2008.

Line up[edit]



Studio Albums[edit]

  • Sombres Efforts (2002)
  • Polaroïds & Pornographie (2004)
  • La Fin des Temps (2005)
  • Hérésie (2008)
  • En l'honneur de Jupiter (2009)
  • Épithète, Dominion, Épitaphe (2012)
  • Dévisager Dieu (2014)


  • University of Nowhere (1999)
  • Les Sentiers de l'Aube (2012)

Live Recordings[edit]

  • Live(s) (2006)


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