Articulata (Brachiopoda)

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The Articulata is a class of brachiopods which comprises those with hinged, calcareous shells that generally bear well developed teeth and sockets and a simple muscle system. The name was first applied to this major group of brachiopods by Huxley in 1869, ten years prior to Zittel choosing the same name in 1879 for modern crinoids.

The Articulata has been replaced by the Subphylum Rhynchonelliformea which except for taxonomic rank and revision of some taxa within, is essentially synonymous.

Moore, Lalicker, and Fischer, 1952, divided the Articulata into the following groups:

  • Paleotremata
  • Orthida
  • Terebratulida
  • Pentamerida
  • Rhynconellida
  • Strophomenida
  • Spiriferida

The earlier version of the Treatise, part H, 1965, is similar, except for the elimination of the Paleotremata and the order in which the remaining orders are presented.

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