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Asbury Lanes
Asbury lanes ap.jpg
Front entrance of Asbury Lanes
Location Asbury Park, New Jersey
Type Music venue, Bowling alley
Genre(s) Punk
Hard Rock
Opened 1962[1]

Asbury Lanes located in Asbury Park, New Jersey is a vintage bowling alley and bar with live performances ranging from live musical acts,[2] burlesque, hot rod, dance parties,[2] film[2] and art shows. It is one of the many historic music landmarks located within Asbury Park. These include The Stone Pony, the Wonderbar, the Saint and the Fastlane.[3]

Music venue[edit]

Since its re-opening in 2003, Asbury Lanes has hosted many notable bands, mostly of the punk rock variety.[4] The bowling lanes double as center stage when bands are playing and as a dance floor.

On October 3, 2015, the venue announced that it was closing for renovations. It was later confirmed that real estate investment company, iStar, purchased the venue as part of a multibillion dollar redevelopment plan for Asbury Park.[5] Having previously purchased 58 bowling alleys for $104 million in 2014, iStar is restoring the building with an intent to keep it operating as a bowling alley with ticketed events once it reopens in 2017.[4]

Musical & Comedy acts[edit]

Mainly consisting of punk rock bands,[6] Asbury Lanes has also hosted other genres of music as well as other non-musical acts.

Some notable acts to have played Asbury Lanes include:


Asbury Lanes in 2016

Asbury Lanes has also played host to the Tromapalooza.[30] Tromapalooza is a fan gathering and small scale film festival featuring films new and old from Troma film studios such as the Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD. Lloyd Kaufman films was on hand presenting both films and acts.[30] As well as playing host to Tromapalooza, Asbury Lanes has also become a sponsor of the 2010 and 2011 TromaDance film festival in Asbury Park and will host the TromaDance After Party.[31]

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