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Assam Baptist Convention (ABC) is a Baptist church based in Assam, India, with more than 37,000 members and 300 congregations.

The Assam Baptist Convention traces its origins back to the work of 19th Century Baptists missionaries in Assam[1] such as Krishna Chandra Pal, Nathan Brown, Oliver Cutter and Miles Bronson. The first Assamese baptized into the baptist faith was Nidhi Levi baptized in 1841. The Baptist Church of Assam was formed in 1845 with its headquarters at Guwahati. There was a small revival in Nidhi in 1847, but as of 1861 the Assam Baptist Church had only 31 members.[2]

The Assam Baptist Convention currently operates a school in Nagaon[3] and another in Golaghat.

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