Athbhutha Dweepu

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Albhutha Dweepu
Athbhutha Dweepu.jpg
Directed by Vinayan
Produced by T.K. Appukuttan, P.A. Philipos
Written by Vinayan,
Ashok and Shasi (dialogue)
Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran
Guinness Pakru
Mallika Kapoor
Jagathy sreekumar
Music by M. Jayachandran
Cinematography Shajikumar
Edited by G. Murali
Release date
1 April 2005
Country India
Language Malayalam

Albhutha Dweepu (Malayalam: അത്ഭുതദ്വീപ്) is a 2005 Malayalam-language Indian movie, directed by Vinayan. The movie created history by becoming the first Indian movie whose remake rights have been bought by Hollywood.[1] Prithviraj, Ajaykumar and Mallika Kapoor appear in lead roles in the movie. The movie is about a mysterious island where all the men are dwarfs and all the women, normal.

Albhutha Dweepu was released in 2005 and the remake rights were sold almost immediately to Hollywood director Ron Howard who was in India at that time.[2] But later the project was cancelled. The film was dubbed in Tamil as Arputha Theevu with additional scenes reshot with Manivannan, Karunas and Vaiyapuri. Tamil version was released in 2007.

The film features Ajaykumar (Pakru) as the dwarf prince Gajendra. He has made an entry into the Guinness Book of Records through this character for being the shortest actor (86 cm height) to play a full-length character in a film.[3]



Prithviraj Sukumaran, Jagathy Sreekumar, Jagadheesh and Indrans work for the Indian Navy, who later reach a sea shore of an unknown island as a result of shipwreck. There, they find two of their colleagues killed by the dwarfs and decide to take asylum in the village's temple so they won't be found.

They later learn that all the males in that village are dwarfs as a result of a curse laid upon them by their god Kantharvan. All the ladies are 5 ft. or taller. The dwarfs are banned from entering the Kantharva temple and it is believed that if they enter the temple by force their head will break into pieces.

Mallika Kapoor,daughter of the dwarf king Jagathy Sreekumar and the princess of the island who is engaged to Guinness Pakru sees Prithviraj in the temple and believes that he is the real Kantharvan. Both of them fall in love with each other at the first sight. She helps them with food and shelter unknowing to her father and fiancee. Prithviraj and his friends secretly start building a boat for them to escape.

Pakru feels something fishy and starts watching Mallika. He even enters the Kantharvan Temple to find out the truth only to be frightened by the disguised prithviraj. They kidnap the king when he finds out the truth and disguise themselves as Brahmachari saints, only to be found out and sentenced to death.

When the dwarfs are about to execute the death sentence they are attacked by Gigantic Cannibals who attack and kill most of the men. Prithviraj and his friends manage to escape and fight against the Cannibals and succeed in defeating them, thus saving the kingdom. The dwarf king forgives them and allows them to sail to their homeland with Malika Kapoor.


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