Aakasha Ganga

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Aakasha Ganga
Aakasha Ganga.jpg
Directed by Vinayan
Produced by Vinayan
Screenplay by Benny P Nayarambalam
Starring Mukesh, Divya Unni, Mayuri, Madhupal
Music by Berny-Ignatious
Cinematography Ramachandra Babu
Release date
  • 26 January 1999 (1999-01-26)
Language Malayalam
Box office 9 crore[1]

Aakasha Ganga is a 1999 Malayalam horror film by Vinayan starring Divya Unni and Mukesh & Produced by Aakash Films. It was dubbed in Tamil as Avala Aaviya.


Years ago, Devan(Madhupal), a member of the 'Maanikesseri' royal family, fell in love with Ganga(Mayuri), a 'dasi'(servant) girl and gets her pregnant. On hearing this, Devan's family members get outraged and in a fit of rage, his father, Thampuran (Spadikam George), beats and kicks Ganga, making her unconscious. Panicker, a loyal servant of the family, tries to revive her, but fails. He comes to the conclusion that Ganga may be dead. So Thampuran and Panicker decide to cremate Ganga, but while doing so, she regains consciousness, asking for water. The merciless Thampuran sets the pyre ablaze and burns her alive.

Later Ganga's soul becomes a 'yakshi' and starts haunting the family members. Devan kills himself too. Ganga gets hold of Thampi and kills him. Fearing her wrath, the Maanikesseri family members hires an exorcist, 'Mepaddan'(Rajan P.Dev), who successfully gets hold of the spirit and imprisons her in a banyan tree. Meppaddan warns the family that the male members of the family should now lead a life of celibacy and that if the spirit is freed, then nobody, even Meppaddan himself, can't stop her.

Years roll by, the family remains true to their word. But trouble starts brewing when Unnikuttan or 'Unni'(Riyaz), befriends and falls in love with Maya(Divya Unni), a girl whom he met in the sets of a movie shoot. She too reciprocates his feelings and requests his family to get her married to him. After a lot of persuading, the family members arrange for their marriage only in name, provided that the young couple should not consummate the marriage, to which Maya promises.

One day, when the young couple were shopping, a man named James(Mukesh) interrupts them and identifies Maya as Daisy, his missing fianceé, which Maya opposes. Though the family members think James maybe nuts, Panicker sensed something wrong. In the process, Maya kills Panicker, who reveals that she is actually 'Ganga' but in the body of another girl. Things go haywire; Maya begins attacking family members who suspect her identity, seducing Unni and becomes pregnant. When things become unbearable, the family consult Meppaddan along with Father Mikhayel, another priest, about Maya.

Alas, it is revealed that 'Maya' is in fact a 'possessed Daisy'. Meppaddan reveals the reason; Daisy is actually a college girl hailing from a Christian background. During a college excursion, Daisy happened to pass by the very same banyan tree where 'Mayaganga' was imprisoned. Out of curiosity, she frees Ganga and becomes unconscious. After that incident, her habits changed drastically, even in her diet and prayers. Then, one night, she goes missing, which is then revealed that she was on her way to take revenge on the Maanikesseri family. Through Unni, she was successful in her mission. Meppaddan also reveals that since Ganga has now become powerful, it was would be difficult to exorcise her and that she would either take the life of any of the family member or else would kill her host Daisy. Leaving no other choice, Meppaddan proceeds on with an exorcism.

The fiery exorcism takes place with Meppadan battling the stubborn Ganga, who wouldn't leave Daisy as long as she fulfils her wishes. Then Meppaddan finally exorcises Ganga by deliberately trying to burn her host alive, just like the way she had been burnt years ago, while also taking care that Daisy doesn't burn up. An unconscious Daisy is then hospitalised and on regaining consciousness, does not remember anything when she was possessed, even the Maanikesseri family, but remembers her own family members. Unni accuses both James and his own family for her present condition and leaves, heartbroken. James then reveals to a confused Daisy everything that had happened to her. In the end, James brings Daisy back to the 'Maanikesseri tharavadu'(home), who tells them that his love was nothing as compared to Unni's love for Daisy, who also accepted Unni without any hesitation. He also tells them that Daisy is going to be a mother. Hence, he reunites them, with Daisy now acquiring the name 'Maya' and becomes part of the Maanikesseri family, which leads to a happy ending.



Track listing
1."Puthu Mazhayayi vannu nee"S. Ramesan NairK. S. Chithra, K. J. Yesudas03:59
2."Vaikasi thingalirangum vaidooryakadavil"S. Ramesan NairK. J. Yesudas04:07
3."Kovalanum Kannakiyum"S. Ramesan NairK. S. Chithra03:05
Total length:36:12

Box office[edit]

The film was a commercial success.[2][3][4] The film collected 6 crore from box office.[5]

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