Athletics at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Women's javelin throw

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These are the official results of the Women's Javelin Throw event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. The qualifying round mark was set at 43.00m. Five athletes didn't surpass that distance in the heats.[1]


Nadezhda Konyayeva entered as the world record holder, having set the record almost 3 years earlier. Dana Zátopková was the returning champion. The leading qualifier was 18 year old Karen Anderson, throwing 49.64m on her first attempt. But she was unable to match that in the final. On her first throw of the final, Inese Jaunzeme set the Olympic record with a 51.63m throw. Ingrid Almqvist moved into second with a 49.74m while Konyayeva was third. With a 50.28m in the second round, Konyayeva moved into second place, with Zátopková moving into third. The medal positions held until the fifth round when Marlene Ahrens threw 50.38m to leap from fifth place to silver. On her final attempt for punctuation, Jaunzeme added more than two meters, almost seven feet to the Olympic record, throwing 53.86 m (176 ft 8 in). Ahrens was the first and still only Olympic medal for a Chilean woman.


Gold  Inese Jaunzeme (URS)
Silver  Marlene Ahrens (CHI)
Bronze  Nadezhda Konyayeva (URS)

Final classification[edit]

Med 1.png  Inese Jaunzeme (URS) 53.86 m
Med 2.png  Marlene Ahrens (CHI) 50.38 m
Med 3.png  Nadezhda Konyayeva (URS) 50.28 m
4.  Dana Zátopková (TCH) 49.83 m
5.  Ingrid Almqvist (SWE) 49.74 m
6.  Urszula Figwer (POL) 48.16 m
7.  Erzsébet Vígh (HUN) 48.07 m
8.  Karen Anderson (USA) 48.00 m
9.  Anna Wojtaszek (POL) 46.92 m
10.  Erika Raue (EUA) 45.87 m
11.  Marjorie Larney (USA) 45.27 m
12.  Yoriko Shida (JPN) 44.96 m
13.  Almut Brömmel (EUA) 44.67 m
14.  Amelia Wershoven (USA) 44.29 m
 Paola Paternoster (ITA) DNQ
 Heather Innes (AUS) DNQ
 Margaret George (CAN) DNQ
 June Heath (AUS) DNQ
 Maureen Wright (AUS) DNQ


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